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Two weeks and counting for the "Season of Wonder."

Tigers or Kittens?
Tigers or Kittens?

What has seemed like an endless off-season is about to come to an end, and the Season of Wonder will finally be upon us.

While an actual football game will be played, we all know it is not much more than an exhibition, and we will have to watch closely to really tell if there is hope or not going into the first real test on the road at Arizona the following week.

Until then, we are left with...

  • endless streams of opinion (yours truly included);
  • lots of preseason polls to laugh or scream about;
  • NFL preseason games to watch former Cowboys battle for playing time;
  • articles like this and this, that indicate we have been sitting here too long thinking about it;
For those who would totally dismiss Savannah State, just keep in mind that their football program produced this. Then you are free to dismiss them. In case you are considering taking them seriously, you can read this.

For now, would love to hear what thing you are most anxious to see as the Kittens Tigers come to town Sept 1.

Pick one thing, one thing only. If it has anything to do with performance of our players, you need to rethink. Almost nothing they will do in this game will indicate much. Arizona will be the time to analyze our guys. I can't decide between "will OSU score 50 in the first half" or "will Savannah State score a touchdown." Leave stuff in the comments.

And for those who can't wait for it to start, just remember...we will never be as good as we are the day before our first game. Kickoff against Savannah State will be the end of the honeymoon.