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You Already Missed The Season Opener

Don't get me wrong, I'm as excited as everyone else about the upcoming football season and our tasty cupcake called Savannah State. But I'm willing to bet most of you missed the season opener from our only top 10 team on campus - Cowgirl Soccer.

I got to attend the season opener last Friday night against UMKC. It was actually the first Cowgirl Soccer game I had ever witnessed, and I was very impressed. For starters, there was a larger crowd at the game than a lot of the Cowboy Basketball games I attended last year. It was a good atmosphere, and ultimately the Cowgirls came out with the win on an own goal. I know it was the season opener, and against a weak opponent, but the Cowgirls looked good. They've got the nation's best goalie. They have a large returning core from the Elite Eight team from last year. They look like a team with a huge ceiling, and a team that can go even farther this year. And students, IT'S FREE! What other reason do you need? I mean, the basketball team wants $140 to watch another losing season. The Cowgirls just want some orange-blooded fans. So I would highly recommend checking out a game or three. You don't have to know much about soccer. You just need to cheer and yell POWER!!! every time our team yells ORANGE!!! And I know everyone is capable of that. So this Friday at 7 pm, head out to the Cowgirl Soccer Complex and check out some exciting, free soccer. You can even get a free t-shirt. And if Friday night doesn't work out for you, they play again Sunday at 1 pm. Plus you can get free autographs! So hopefully I'll see you this weekend at the Cowgirl Soccer Complex. And if not, keep up with the games by following them on Twitter: @CowgirlFC

Go Pokes!