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Cowboy Opponent Preview 1: Savannah State Tigers

Cooper Basset is ready for Savannah State.
Cooper Basset is ready for Savannah State.

Is it that time aleady? Just two days away from another Picks From Joes, and only three days away from some Cowboy football. Well, i guess we're about 3 days away from a Cowboy scrimmage, but at this point beggars can't be choosers. The Pokes will open the 2012 campaign against the Tigers of Savannah State, a college located, conveniently enough, Savannah Georgia. I promise you two things this season: all previews after this one will be much longer, and we can't lose Saturday. Really, I'd cut my dick off if we did. Why am I so confident? Well let's start with a number- 10. That's the total number of victories the Tigers have put up over the past 5 years (and one of those years was a 5 win season, so, umm, fuck that's bad). Now, if you're a Tiger fan, hope isn't totally lost, we've only averaged 10 victories (a season) over the past 5 years. Nope, that's it, hope's lost, better stay home. Follow me over the jump for more SSU Tiger info (and, possibly, tittay's)

Still here, good. What kind of defense can we expect the Tigers to throw at us? From what my exhaustive research has been able to dig up, I'm almost certain the Tigers will use eleven men. I kid, I kid (no, I don't, who the hell cares about Savannah State?) According to their "media guide", SSU has 5 returning defensive starters, have lost their two best defenders, and gave up "only" 40 points a game last season- against MEAC opponents. The guide also list's Joseph Randle as our primary threat. Not to be an asshole, but against the Tigers I could rush for 200 yards (in 3 yard chunks).

What about the offense? They have 6 returning starters, but don't let that fool you. They scored almost 13 points a game last season. You know what? Fuck it, We'll win big, I don't care to spend any more time on this. Just like McKayla Maroney, I'm not impressed.

Go Pokes