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BREAKING/Devastating News: No Grillaronis At BPS Again This Season


One of the tough things about being the premiere news source for Oklahoma State Athletics citation needed is that sometimes the news is bad. This is one of those times. It is with a heavy heart that I must inform the Cowboy family that the half sausage, half pepperoni, half angel tears deliciousness that is the Grillaroni will not be available at any Oklahoma State events, including football games. This makes the second straight season that Grillaronis will not be served in Stillwater.

I spoke with a source from the sole supplier of Grillaroni's, Wheeler's Meat Market in Oklahoma City, who stated,

"Nope, you can only get them at the store now."

"Why?" I pressed (since I am a hard hitting investigative journalist).

He responded with the only answer he could muster:


Really hits home doesn't it? Everyone go home and give your family a big hug tonight. We will endure this.