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Today, We Celebrate!

No explanation necessary.
No explanation necessary.

Because today, we are champions of the Big 12.

Today, we are undefeated.

Today, Wes Lunt is the 2nd coming of the Messiah.

Today, Joseph Randle is the Heisman Trophy winner.

Today, Bill Young's defense is the Steel Curtain.

Today, Todd Monken is the mad scientist equal to Dana Holgorsen and Mike Leach.

Today, Landry Jones is still Oklahoma State's offensive MVP for Bedlam.

Today, Texas still doesn't have a Div 1 quarterback.

Today, we are glad that we traded A&M and Mizzou for West Va & TCU.

Today, we have potential.

Because, as my brother Richard reminds me often (and I have already mentioned on this site), we will never be as good as we are the day before we play our first game.

I say "we" because this applies to every college football fan, at every level. Whether our team stinks or is a conference/national contender, there will be a level at which we hope. Hope for something a little better than what we had. Beat the rival...pull a big a winning record...

We want "we." When the team stinks, it becomes "they." Our desire for "we" is ingrained, and permeates every part of our existence. When our team does something amazing, we can claim a piece of that, latch on to it, so it brightens our otherwise routine existence and distracts us from the daily grind. We all want to be a part of something special. It is one of the reasons why I write about OSU. This long, cold, and dark off-season has left us empty and yearning for the warmth and seduction of victory.

So today, let us bask in the glory of our National Championship; 2 Big 12 titles in a row; a road thrashing of the Brothers Stoops; and the magnificence that is Cowboy football.

Because tomorrow, flaws will be exposed, perfection will be lost, titles will be taken, and the bloom will be off the rose.