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Daily Roundup 8/30

Oklahoma State football: Tracy Moore cited on suspicion of providing alcohol to minor |

Yesterday, Tracy Moore achieved a rare feat: he had his third run-in with the law in six months. This adds to the collection of Oklahoma State receivers with legal troubles, and, just when we thought the offseason was over, adds one more tally to Cowboys citation count. Some people are saying he’s not a bad guy, just a college kid doing dumb stuff, and that may be true. But the bottom line is that Moore and other players have to get their heads on straight.

Jeremy Smith embracing 'Robin' role - : Football

This feature from The Daily O’Collegian gives a nice look at Jeremy Smith’s role in the OSU backfieldand it is filled with comparisons to Batman. With Smith playing the Robin role to Joseph Randle’s Batman, the two certainly form a dynamic duo that may take on a bigger load this season if Wes Lunt struggles.

Oklahoma State football: Will Cowboys spread the ball? | Berry Tramel's Blog

In case you didn’t know, Oklahoma State likes to throw the football. Berry Tramell’s blog takes a look at the percentage of passes caught by the team’s leading receiver. The figures are pretty staggering, but then again, there have been some really good receivers come the program. With Blackmon now in the NFL, it will be interesting to see if Lunt spreads the ball around more than the Cowboys have in recent years.