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Prediction Time! Oklahoma State Vs. Savannah State

"Joseph, what scares you about this weekend's matchup?"

"Joseph, what scares you about this weekend's matchup?" "......."

It's the day before Gameday and here at CRFF that means it's time to make insignificant ingenious predictions! In case you have forgotten or are new to the greatest blog ever known to the interwebz, here's how it works:

Step 1. I talk a fair amount of trash about this week's opponent.

Step 2. I ask you a series of questions.

Step 3. You answer these questions with your predictions in the comment section.

Step 4. We watch King get thrown out of Joe's after multiple unsuccessful attempts of wooing T. Boone's wife.

Pretty simple.

Also, while accuracy in predictions is always great, hilarious predictions are always greater...and hilariouser. Keep that in mind because the poster with the best predictions will be recognized and awarded handsomely (probably not) during next week's game predictions.

So click the jump and let's get this going!

1. Final Score?

2. How long before Wes Lunt is taken out of the game?

3. What will the best cardboard sign say or have on it?

4. First touchdown: Running or passing?

5. Best pickup line for a Savannah State cheerleader?

6. It's a race between Tracy Moore and Christian Littlehead for the fourth run-in with the police in a year. Who gets there first and how?

7. Will OSU have more yards running or passing? Which player will lead the yardage stat?

8. What movie will the Savannah State team be watching on the bus ride home and why?

Go Pokes!!!