New "QB" Math: Lunt is more than capable of stepping in for "The Man."

So all we've heard about is OSU going from a 28 yr old QB to an 18 yr old QB.

Well, sorta like the age questions Weeden faces in the NFL, that comparison don't mean shit. Let's look at the real math that will determine how successful Lunt may be as he begins his journey to replace The Godfather of Cowboy QB's.

When Brandon Weeden assumed the controls in 2010 of one of the best, most balanced offenses in the country, it's not like he came in having started a couple years in HS, made some hay in the HS playoffs, or saw some quality action as a b/u in his first couple of years as a college QB.

Weeden was the starting QB for Edmond Sante Fe for 1 full season. He lead them to their first ever win in the HS playoffs. Not like he took the reigns to a juggernaut of a program. That was 2001.

In the spring of 2002 he was drafted by the NY Yankees, and would not return to football until 2007, when he would walk on at Oklahoma State. As coaches have stated repeatedly, he showed them nothing that would indicate he would achieve the level of stardom that was about to come.

Until that fateful Thursday night in 2009, when OSU was forced to put in their 3rd string QB, Weeden had seen no meaningful game time. We all know what happened. Coaches, especially Gundy, took a lot of heat for not continuing to play Weeden in place of an obviously injured and ineffective Zac Robinson. On top of all this, once 2010 came along, he had to learn a completely new offensive system with a new offensive coordinator.

So just to recap...

  • 1 full season of starting QB experience in HS with 1 HS playoff win;
  • 6 year break in football participation; 9 years between starts from HS to college;
  • Only 1 half of meaningful playing time (but oh what a half it was) during that period;

And look what happened.
So how does Wes Lunt compare?

  • 2 full seasons as starting QB with back to back state championships, 1 undefeated season, and multiple HS state records;
  • Enrolls early and beats out experienced b/u and highly touted redshirt freshman competitors;
  • Will be running an offense similar to his HS system;

So really, remove the age difference and Lunt walks on the field with a lot more football in his back pocket. Yes, maturity and leadership are critical and Weeden had both in spades. But reports seem to indicate that Lunt is already establishing himself as an up and coming leader on offense.

Of course the jury is out until he takes the field in live action, but I'm already convinced that we won't have to wait until 2013 to see something special from our new crown prince. The coaches and players saw Weeden up close, and nobody's flinching when speaking about Lunt, not even Monken. The coaches readily admitted that Weeden was still learning the QB basics...footwork, pocket awareness and mobility, progressions...while shocking all with his success in 2010. Remarkable.

But Lunt doesn't face those hurdles. He is just dealing with the adjustment to the speed and added complexity of the college game.

If all goes as predicted, his baptism will be 9/29. If the Cowboys survive that event, this could get interesting.
And we all know how predictions can go...


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