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Rapid Reax - Savannah State


My thoughts on the slaughter game, in no particular order:

How pissed is Barry Sanders that he lost a lot of records that he held because of this game? He could have lost them all if Gundy decided to leave the starters in a bit longer. And Barry did it against Big 12 competition. This was against a high school team.

"Is it me, or did Walsh play his way DOWN the depth chart?" is what I said before Chelf bounced 17 screen passes off the turf. Depth chart is definitely Lunt-Walsh-Chelf. Would have liked to see more out of all of them though. See them take a few chances downfield, see what they're made of.

76 OSu players saw action in the first half, and I think over 100 saw action in the whole game. Absolutely incredible. Kinda sucks though that some of the new walk-ons couldn't play (eligibility issues). This is probably the only game they could have played more than special teams.

Our LONGEST scoring drive of the first half was 90 seconds. Our shortest was 15. I actually looked down to read a text, looked up, and missed it. That's scary good, even if it was against D4 competition.

Really expected Lunt to see more action tonight. Maybe playing a high school game would get him better prepared for Arizona than Savannah State did. Can't wait to see what he brings to the table next week though.

After halftime, we only ran four different plays. WR screen, direct handoff, delayed handoff, and Blackmon corner fade. (I'm only somewhat joking here.)

The university had to have lost a ton of money in concession sales, merchandise sales, etc. I don't think more than 6,000 fans were there at the end to sing the alma mater.

I feel so sorry for the ROTC guys. Seriously. They did 546 pushups. I haven't done that many in my entire life.

I could have ran for 150 and two TDs against the "Tigers" (they should seriously consider a name change. The Bunny Rabbits is much more accurate).

I wonder how many players were down on the sideline saying "Let's score 100!" I'm guessing that number is in the double digits. Actually, I wonder if the scoreboard even goes to triple digits. Would have been a great chance to find out.

We scored TWELVE touchdowns tonight. Savannah State won't score that many touchdowns this entire YEAR.

We paid them $385,000 for that game, which averages out to just under $4,600 per point. Just saying.

Major props to all the fans who stayed to the end. That's the real definition of "loyal and true". I don't care if you were trying to get to the bars early and beat the rush. The bars will still be there. Support your team.

Other than that, we learned next to nothing tonight. We would have learned more about the Cowboys if they scrimmaged Stillwater HS. The real first test comes next week at Arizona. Late kickoff, actual D1 talent, and a road environment. Should be exciting.

As for me, I'm off to the bars to watch OU lose to UTEP. Pretty sure I called this a couple days ago.

Go Pokes!