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Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 2

Best team in the Big 12? Right now they are.
Best team in the Big 12? Right now they are.

Welcome boys and girls, to the Official CRFF 2012 Power Rankings. Why are we starting this in week two? I'm sure most of you assume we just got drunk and forgot, but that's only partially true. We did get drunk, but while drunk decided to wait a week to let TCU get a piece of the action. Here are our aggregate ranks, with individual rankings and semi-sober commentary after the jump.

King Whetsell Sam Yachoff Royal Cincy
1: KSU 1 1 1 1 1 1
2: WVU 2 1 2 3 3 2
3: OU 3 3 4 2 2 3
4: TX 6 6 3 6 4 5
5: ISU 7 9 6 4 5 4
6: TCU 5 4 5 8 9 7
7: BU 4 7 7 9 8 6
8: OSU 8 4 9 7 6 8
9: TTU 9 8 8 5 7 9
10: KU 10 10 10 10 10


(our totals should be up there, but I suck at tables, so either trust I added it correctly or get your calculators out)

So, if you haven't figured it out, the lower the score the higher we ranked you. And look at that, Kansas got a perfect score. Congrats on bringing up the rear of the conference for the 2nd 3rd 4th year in a row. Cross the jump for more ranking fun.....


1: Kansas State-- I think this one is easy, their win over Miami is the best victory of any Big 12 team. Will be interesting to see how they handle playing in Norman in a couple weeks.
2: West Virginia-- You could probably switch the Mountaineers with Oklahoma here, but I think Marshall is better than UTEP (but not by much), so I'm giving the nod to WVU.
3: Oklahoma-- Well, they crushed FAMU, no surprise there, and still, even with their flaws, look like one of the better Big 12 teams. Huge game in two weeks with KSU.
4: Baylor-- Good crushing of SMU last weekend, started the post-RG3 era on the right foot (actually looked like a team that has played football before, unlike a certain Cowboy team I know)
5: Texas Christian-- Horned Frogs look great against Grambling, not sure what that actually means, but hey, a W is a W. I'm putting them ahead of Texas simply because they scored more points.
6: Texas-- I need to see way more than 45 points at home against New Mexico before I give the Horns a higher rankings. Struggling last week against Wyoming is another red flag.
7: Iowa State-- Looked like crap against Iowa, but won a rivalry game on the road. Work left to do to make a run at a Big 12, but hey, still undefeated.
8: Oklahoma State-- As far as I'm concerned we're 0-1. I know Gundy wants to play the 3 easiest teams before the Big 12, but you get nothing from those games. Extremely undisciplined play, poor tackling, basically looked like a 2007 era Cowboy team. Thought we were past all that, and I was wrong. Shit. Wes Lunt is the man though, and will be an elite qb in a year or two.
9: Texas Tech-- Beating Texas State doesn't mean much, I still think they'll struggle in Big 12 play. Also knocking them because they hire horrible human beings to coach their teams.
10: Kansas-- Welcome to the celler (again) Jayhawk fans, you lost to Rice, nothing more to say.


1. Kansas State & West Virginia. Based on everything I've seen, this isn't clear cut. Nobody in this conference has played anyone of great significance.
3. Oklahoma. Agree with King here.
4. TCU/Oklahoma State. Frogs haven't shown enough; despite the loss, I think OSU still might be one of the best;
6. Texas. No QB. Nuff said;
7. Baylor. Has to show me much more before I believe Bob wasn't the whole show;
8. Texas Tech. Again, will have to see something significant before I believe anything.
9. Iowa State. Nine points. Against Iowa. And win. This is not good football
10. Kansas. Rice defeats Weiss. If that wasn't a headline somewhere, somebody should be fired.


1. Kansas State - Most complete team against the best competition so far (I think)
2. West Virginia - Ya it was Marshall, but damn.
3. Texas - Bad competition and Ash has yet to throw a pass over 9 feet, but no one else has shown anything yet either.
4. Oklahoma - They have talent and managed to not lose their Tucson level performance to UTEP.
5. TCU - Quick thought on TCU... we need to claim this rivalry before someone else does. We need a 2nd rival and the Tech thing never had any legs. TCU is a short drive, is in a pig/cow/horse town, they wear purple, love weed, and seem like decent folks to have a good-natured hate rivalry with. I would love for this to develop organically, or we could hire the people that manufactured the honky-corn rivalry or whatever they are calling that thing with Nebraska and Iowa.
6. Iowa State - That was an ugly win even by ISU standards, but still, they won.
7. Baylor - Barf
8. Texas Tech - Baarf
10. Kansas - Rice barf


1. KSU- Damn, that mummy can coach
2. OU- The (local) media slobs their knob so prodigiously it's hard not to buy into the hype. We are all Catholic on October 27th.
3. WVU- Holgo took Marshall to the woodpile. His D got 34 scored on it, however.
4. ISU- doesn't matter how you beat a big ten team, just matters that you do it.. Good job
5. Tech- Tuberville starts his deathmarch soon enough.
6. UT- Putting em' here in advance of their upcoming loss to Ole Miss.
7. OSU- The talent is there, the execution isn't.
8. TCU- they beat grambling. Who cares?
9.BU- Beats SMU- takes week off to celebrate. Lame
10. KU (Insert Rice bowl joke here)


1. KSU - Once again, proving the pundits wrong that said "they won too many close games last year to be any good this year."
2. OU - Started slow but ended up beating up on an inferior team like they should. May have found a running game.
3. WVU - Can't really fault them for a bye week. They look to stay pretty high (and drunk) in the rankings after next week's game against James Madison.
4. Texas - I still need to see a game where Texas wins because of their QBs and not in spite of them for the Longhorns to move up in my ranking.
5. Iowa State - Two good wins over decent opponents. That's more than anyone else in conference can say at this point.
6. OSU - Despite the really bad loss to Arizona, I don't think they are any worse than the teams beneath them and also think Arizona would beat each team from here on down.
7. Texas Tech - No true tests yet. And it looks like they won't get that test until they go to Ames to play Iowa State.
8. Baylor - A win over SMU and a bye week doesn't get you much.
9. TCU - A bye week and a win over Grambling gets you less.
10. Kansas - Is it basketball season yet?

1. KSU - They are this year's OSU
2. WVU - Offense is scary
3. OU - They gave up points to a MEAC team
4. Iowa State - 2 quality wins
5. Texas - Decent test this weekend at Ole Miss
6. Baylor - A win against SMU is better than a win against Sav St and a loss
7. TCU - I wouldn't want them this week
8. Oklahoma State - A lot to fix before UT
9. Texas Tech - I'm not buying it
10. Kansas - Rice. Good God.

Thats it folks, look for another one next week, in the mean time tell us how much crack we're smoking this week in the comments (hint: a lot).

Go Pokes