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Finally! A Non-Conference Opponent!


According to The Oklahoman, trusted news source, OSU is considering a non-conference game next season against Mississippi State, a game which will take place at Reliant Stadium in Houston. Currently, both the Cowboys and the Bulldogs have an open slot for the opening weekend of the 2013 season, and are currently in talks to come to an agreement. More after the jump.

This potential SEC matchup would provide many benefits for the Cowboys. It would almost guarantee national exposure, as there aren't many big matchups on the opening weekend (no one wants to watch a top 25 team beat up on a cupcake... cough cough). This would also provide a pseudo-home game for our fans in Houston, which is supposed to have one of the largest OSU fan bases in the nation. It would also build up our strength of schedule in the first year of a college football playoff. Right now, our non-con schedule includes games at (yes, I said AT) Texas State, who is new to the WAC, and a home game against Lamar, who plays in the Southland Conference of the Football Championship Subdivision. Our non-con desperately needs some help, and this game could provide that.

There are a few concerns though. For starters, a neutral site game would leave the Cowboys with only six home games next season, which would mean decreased revenue for both the athletic department and the merchants around Stillwater. Then there is this. That could bring some negative attention to the game if anything were to be discovered. Overall though, this is some exciting news for Cowboy fans, and hopefully this becomes a done deal very soon.