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Prediction Time! Oklahoma State Versus Louisiana

Oh look, someone who didn't crap the bed last Saturday. A freshman, you say? Weird.
Oh look, someone who didn't crap the bed last Saturday. A freshman, you say? Weird.

Here are the things I currently hate in no particular order:

1. Blake Jackson's hands.

2. Isaiah Anderson's hands.

3. Josh Stewart's hands.

4. Tracy Moore's feet.

5. Calvin Barnett's brain.

6. The collective offensive line's brain.

7. Caleb Lavey's inability to drop into coverage.

8. Alex Elkin's inability to cover the right man in coverage.

9. Todd Monken's playcalling.

10. Glenn Spencer's lack of substitutions.

11. PAC 12 referees with small penises that get butt hurt when a head coach from another conference challenges a call of theirs on the field and then hold a grudge against that coach and his players the rest of the game when said coach's challenge ends up being correct.

12. Still no grillaronis in BPS.

Ok, so now that I have gotten that off my chest, let's move on to this week's game against Louisiana. The series against this team has certainly been an odd one with OSU not turning in very good performances in each of the past two contests against the Cajuns. That tends to scare me a bit considering what went down last Saturday against Arizona.

But if nothing else, it does make for some interesting predictions!

And speaking of which, the crown for last week's best predictions goes to: ST2.

He came (giggle), he saw, he left us with piss, vinegar, and a great new nickname for Rich Rod (DickSmack).

Will he defend his crown this week? Can someone overtake the Prediction Throne? Will King show us his new trick since having a rib removed for "undisclosed reasons?"

Click the jump, make some predictions, and find out!

1. Final Score?

2. How many dropped passes by OSU receivers?

3. What will Calvin Barnett do to earn a personal foul this week?

4. How many Passing Yards and TDs for Wes Lunt?

5. How many sacks for the OSU defense?

6. Beer and shot count before King slumps over and passes out at his table at Joe's?

7. Over/Under for OSU penalties: 80 yards

8. Famous alumni fight: Garth Brooks versus Richard Simmons. Who wins and how?