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QUICK RECAP: ULL vs Oklahoma State...and what a strange journey it was.

How prophetic is this image?
Courtesy of
How prophetic is this image? Courtesy of

Some NewsOK folks made some bold predictions for the game today.

I'll bet one of them wishes they weren't right.

Jenni Carlson was partially OSU QB did throw for 4 TD's. I don't think Anthony Slater was planning on his prediction of a Walsh rushing TD coming to fruition in quite the form that it did.

But many of their other predictions were not even ULL having the lead at some point in the the Cowboys steamrolled the Quiet Cajuns 65-24. The score was reminiscent of 2011, when few points were allowed until the game was well in hand (58-10 after 3 quarters).

My fellow CRFF writers warned me not to watch "The 6th Play."

Is that going to become synonymous with "The Drop?"

Collective hearts went into collective throats.

The season flashed before our eyes.

Then in stepped the 2nd string guy. The guy coaches said had "it." The Elite 11 guy that redshirted last year, anticipating taking the helm of this prolific offense until Weeden reincarnated showed up as an 18 yr old HS freshman and edged him out. He could have transferred...he didn't. He could have mailed it in, knowing that Wes Lunt was the man...he didn't.

BOY, are we glad he didn't.

JW Walsh may have single-handedly saved Oklahoma State's season.

I didn't get to watch the game live. Twitter was my game feed. I'm now in the process of reviewing, and yes, I've watched "The 6th Play." Thank heavens I wasn't going to eat dinner for a while anyway.

So relax for now, Cowboy fans. It turns out I was right...

"The Cowboys are past the days of a few players having great senior seasons and carrying the team to the brink of championship football, then wallowing through 2-3 mediocre seasons (or more) waiting for a few diamonds in the rough or maturity to show up. There is talent deep in this roster, including freshman (and other 1st year players) who are ready to contribute right out of the gate at a potentially championship level. While I'm not all in with everyone on the coaching staff, this team and staff won the Big 12 last year."

Out goes one freshman, in comes another, and the show goes on.

A more detailed recap forthcoming after I put Tivo through its paces...