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Right about now, many OSU fans thought the season was down the drain. Little did they know the "J2J Express" was just waiting for its opportunity to leave the station.
Right about now, many OSU fans thought the season was down the drain. Little did they know the "J2J Express" was just waiting for its opportunity to leave the station.

Cowboy Nation went into a collective fetal position after "The 6th Play."

A redshirt freshman sat down beside us, rubbed our back, offered us a warm drink and a blanket, then said...


With the 2nd coming of Weeden busy looking for Benny Hinn and a little healin', J.W. Walsh didn't miss a beat, directing 6 consecutive scoring drives from scratch, showing he has a serviceable enough arm and legs a plenty to keep OSU's offense humming.

Now for some observations (some while I'm still watching the game on Tivo):

  • Unless something happens, this defense is going to get torched this year. If ULL had any kind of a QB, things might not have been so easy. Missed tackles and assignments were plentiful, but the Cajuns couldn't take advantage. I'm still shocked that this is the group Gundy thought would be the big improvement. They look more like the bunch from 2009-2010.
  • The defense won't get torched up the middle...Calvin Barnett is a load. Over the middle will be a different story.
  • Blake Jackson = least when he's catching the ball.
  • J.W. likes him some J-Stewwy
  • How can you not be happy for Kye Staley?
  • How can you not weep (I think Robert Allen did) for Devin Hedgepeth?
  • How happy are we that David Glidden is returning punts? I'm definitely not holding MY breath anymore.
  • It definitely isn't pretty, but the work put in under the tutelage of Weeden & Monken has obviously paid off. Walsh is never going to be as accurate as Weeden or Lunt, but he is accurate enough, and his legs completely change the dynamic for opposing defenses. And get used to it, because Walsh likes contact. He's also the best field general on the team. I'm also NOT afraid of Chelf coming in.
  • Was it me, or was ULL's defense out to hurt guys, or at least try to intimidate a little? Two late hits on Walsh were ridiculous and should have resulted in ejections.
  • Can we please get some decent TV guys? Three games, three really sucky tandems. Even referred to OU/OSU rivalry as the Civil War. Ugh.
  • I would like to know from Mrs Pistols how long it took her to talk Pistols Guy into coming out of his room after Justin Gilbert went down.
  • Chelf's interception was on Curry. Moore or Jackson make that catch by using their body to shield the defender. Curry was falling away and allowed the defender to cut in front of him.
  • Ok Texas fans, I know you don't want Chelf, but tell me again why you wouldn't take our 2ND STRING QB right now? I still contend our 3rd stringer would make you guys the favorite to win the Big 12.
  • Did you ever think you would see the day that the Cowboys could trot out any of 3 QB's and still have the potential to beat any of the other top teams in the conference?
  • I'll repeat an earlier happy are we that OSU has a bye week before Texas? And one after?
The Cowboys have no idea what they are about to face defensively when the Longhorns come to town, but at this rate OSU will still put 400+ yards and 21+ points on the board in a "bad" performance, which would be more than competitive against UT's offense, unless we make David Ash look like a Heisman favorite, and I'm not so confident we won't. This offense is REALLY good, and minus mistakes and costly drops, I don't see too many defenses doing anything but slowing them down a little.

But know this folks...the offense will churn regardless of QB. This is a special time in Stillwater. Rejoice and be glad in least for a couple of days.

Then buckle up, because I have a feeling these guys are going to take us on another stressful ride to the upper echelon of the conference standings.