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"Please God, let me hit just one bull in the ass with a handful of rice today."
"Please God, let me hit just one bull in the ass with a handful of rice today."

Let me be the first to put it out there.

David Ash was the best QB in the country last week, at least according to the Davey O'Brien National QB of the Week award.

I mean, why not? He threw for 326 yards, 4 TD's, no picks, and completed 15 passes in a row in a blowout win over mighty Ole Miss, and, after all, he is the QB for the University of Texas.

I say it is time to roll out the campaign videos and start schmoozing the right people.

Or maybe we should take a deep breath and review just a couple of minor observations after the jump.

Ok now, before UT fans go postal, I will qualify this comment.

I give kudos to the Longhorn offensive staff for figuring out how to make a system work around Ash. He is young and has been thrown into the fire, so what appears to be a meat grinding running game and a short, easy passing scheme have created an environment where he can succeed, build confidence, AND NOT TURN THE BALL OVER. As we all know, confidence can be EVERYTHING for young athletes...hell, even for the older ones...and turnovers are deadly (see OSU @ Az or Denver @ Atlanta). Besides, the Longhorns, as always, have speed at those skill positions, and this system is getting the ball quickly into the hands of those athletes, allowing them to create in the open field.

But the Davey O'Brien National QB of the Week? Ash hasn't even shown up on the radar that tracks low flying aircraft, much less any kind of QB watch list. There must be a complete lack of candidates because I watched the Ole Miss game, and that was NOT a performance worthy of that award. Folks are glowing over 15 completions in a row? King could do that sober (drunk is a given) no farther than they are asking him to throw the ball. Shovel passes...screen passes...WR screens...short hooks. And I don't want to hear about the 2 long TD's...both were HORRIBLY underthrown. The WR & DB bailed him out on one and the Ole Miss DB fell on his ass on the other, which should have been an easy interception. Did you see how badly he missed Shipley with his 2nd attempt of the game? Jaxon could have been Wilt Chamberlain and would still have had to jump out of his shoes on a play that was WIDE OPEN if he leads him just a little to the back corner of the end zone, and was only about a 20 yard throw. Please. I can just hear the morning coffee shop chatter from the "koolaid" set waxing poetic about Ash's "breakout" performance.

To review...Ash hasn't thrown a "legit" completion more than 15 yards down the field in the first 3 games of the season. Now I haven't watched EVERY completion, so there might have been one of the 20 yarders he threw against New Mexico that didn't involve YAC, but still, this isn't his first ride at the rodeo. The guy was one of the best QB's in his class out of Texas, and I seem to recall him playing quite a bit at that position for UT last season. Doesn't seem like a lot to ask that he be able to throw a pass SOMEWHERE IN THE VICINITY OF THE RECEIVER more than 20 yards down the field.

BTW...there was also another QB from Texas who threw for more yards, rushed for more yards, accounted for 5 TD's (4/1), and had no picks in a blowout of an opponent comparable to Ole Miss. Additionally, he actually had several completions to receivers (WHO WEREN'T STANDING STILL WITH DB's ON THE GROUND) 20 or more yards down the field. Plays for a major Div 1 program (I think they might have been conference champs last season). That guy didn't even get honorable mention from Davey O'Brien. At least he got Big 12 POW honors from David Ubben. To be fair, this gentleman also missed some wide open throws.

That being said, the Longhorns have it working so far, so more power to you. I am definitely anxious for UT's visit to Stillwater, which I think will have a great impact on the rest of the Big 12's season.

Oh, just an FYI...your day of reckoning is coming, the day when Ash's arm will be all you have, your defense is giving up points, and David is going to have to stretch the opposing defense. Wonder what the confidence factor among "reasonable" UT fans would be on that one?