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Oklahoma State Daily Roundup: 9/18/12


After Further Review: Looking back at Oklahoma State’s 65-24 victory over Louisiana-Lafayette | OSU Cowboys

Gina Mizell gives us a good set of notes on Saturday's game. It's encouraging to see that Oklahoma State improved in all major areas that Mizell tabbed as question marks. Hopefully we won't hear about the defense getting shredded or the team setting records for penalties again anytime soon. Also, there are a lot of little tidbits of info from the game. Definitely makes for a good read. State of the Cowboys: Week 3

This article from GoPokes also shows how much the team improved in areas of concern with the great performance Saturday. I am tempted to disagree with the quarterback position getting a -1 in the article. Obviously Lunt's injury hurts, but J.W. Walsh proving himself as a legit backup is actually a major plus in my opinion. We may be slightly worse off heading into the Texas game, but for the season as a whole it helps knowing that if Lunt struggles or goes down, there is a reliable alternative. I do, however, agree with the team getting +1 overall. The Cowboys showed a lot of improvement from the Arizona disaster, but it's hard for confidence to grow too much against competition like ULL.

Jurick pleads guilty to marijuana charge - : Crime

Basketball center Phillip Jurick pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana and drug parephinilia Monday. His sentencing seems pretty light and it's good for Jurick to put this behind him. Hopefully he and the rest of the Pokes hoops team can stay out of trouble and stay focused on the court. This group has the potential to do big things, and it needs Jurick's help in the paint.