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Big 12 Power Rankings Week 3

Just found out KSU was our number one team in our power poll. Got fucking pumped.
Just found out KSU was our number one team in our power poll. Got fucking pumped.

Another week, another power rankings. I'm feeling lazy so I'm not going to do the whole chart thing, just the order.

1: Kansas State

2: Texas (tie)

2: West Virginia (tie)

4: Oklahoma

5: Oklahoma State

6: Texas Christian

7: Iowa State

8: Baylor

9: Texas Tech

10: Kansas

All your favorite analysis after the jump...


1. Kansas State - I would trade any one Oklahoma State player straight up for Klein, and most 2 player combinations.

2. Texas - Ole Miss sucks, but better competition than any non-Wildcat team has played
3. West Virginia - Two wins over just barf-full competition, but they did win easily... unlike
4. Oklahoma - With not much to go on, still punishing them a little for the UTEP performance
5. TCU - Yes Frogs, you are being punished for a win.
6. Baylor - Plucky. I don't hate this team
7. Oklahoma State - Sun Belt champs
8. Iowa State - Not a bad team. Love FG's. Fairly deep conference this year. Not as top-heavy.
9. Texas Tech - Only Big 12-2-2+2 team I haven't watched yet, so let's put them at #9.
10. Kansas - Forced 12 turnovers through 3 games. Could surprise someone this year.


1 - Texas. Ubben has annointed David Ash a "dark horse" Heisman candidate if he torches OSU. If UT has a potential Heisman candidate, they must be the best;

2 - West Virginia. They have the Heisman favorite, so they can't be worse than #2;

3 - Oklahoma. They have Landry Jones, who has been a perennial Heisman contender for what feels like 5 years; Heisman candidates get you at least #3;

4 - Oklahoma State. While they lost, they still are the only team that's played someone other than the shittiest teams available. Oregon might change that;

5 - Kansas State. Snyderball needs to take care of bidness in Goonerville before I vault them up the list;

6 - TCU. That fumblin-bumblin-rumblin performance at Kansas left me cold. I like warm...and wet;

7 - Baylor/Texas Tech/Iowa State. Impossible to differentiate between the subtle levels of suckiness;

10 - Kansas. +9.5 @ Northern Illinois. And on TV. Welcome to Shitsville, Charlie.


1) West Virginia: I like Red Bull and I love mountain dew mouth, so I must love West Fuckin' Virginia.

2) Kansas State: Dolphins got a win, so Miami can't be all bad.
3) Oklahoma: UTEP mother truckers. Til this weekend at least
4) Texas: Ducks Unlimited is ready to open Ash season, gonna be 600 camo clad rednecks outside the Boone Bowl next weekend ready to bag em
5) Oklahoma State: 50 to zip on UL til we put the backups in, that's the team I wanted to see in the desert.
6) TCU: Must be the homer in me ranking my team ahead of a team with a conference win, but losing to Zona means more than not beating Kansas by 60. Or something.
7) Iowa State: Will be dangerous if they trade FG's for TD's. Either way I'll drink a PRB for em this weekend.
8) Baylor: Good offense, sketchy defense, that's Bebe's Kids over the past 5 years.
9) Texas Tech: Not much difference between the 4th and 9th team this year, either a deep league or a shitty one. Herpes up.
10) Kansas: Forced 12 tunrovers in 3 games. Still went 1-2. Welcome to hell Jayhawk fans, and Weis is the devil.


1. Kansas State Everybody wants them to beat the Sooneys.
2. Oklahoma Everybody expects the Sooneys to beat K-State.
3. Texas Had best showing in two years against Ole Miss
4. West Virginia Can't believe they are eighth with the teams they have played so far.
5. OKLAHOMA STATE We've now seen two wet behind the ears QB's play an equal amount of 'the System', and play it pretty well.
6. Texas Christian Struggles to obliterate KU like any self-respecting team should.
7. Iowa State Has beaten arguably some of the best non-cons so far but still gets 7th cause they are the Rodney Dangerfield of Big 12.
8. Texas Tech Feasting on creampuffs to give Tuberville bellyache vs forementioned better than advertised ISU.
9. Baylor FCS school gave Baylor a taste of the cellar before halftime and it tasted like home.
10. Kansas In the cellar til Weis proves otherwise.

There you have it, just four of us sober enough to contribute this week.

Go Pokes