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Breaking News: Oklahoma State To Unveil New Uniforms Versus Texas

A source that shot down earlier images of a new uniform leaked on a few messageboards has since provided a photo of the actual uniforms that will be worn this Saturday against the Texas Longhorns.

I heard the rumors. I saw the earlier photos on twitter. I didn't believe it myself. So I went to a guy that knows about these things.

I asked him, "Are these Camo uniform photos really going to be worn this Saturday?"

He responded, "No, those aren't the actual ones. But they're pretty close."

Wait. Wut? Does that mean that there are new, special uniforms that are going to be unveiled against Texas this weekend? Mere minutes later, I was staring at a picture sent to my phone that was taken somewhere within the OSU athletic facility.

And now, I bring this picture to you. It looks as if Nike once again had a huge hand in this as you can see from the marketing packet surrounding the pictures of the player and the closeup of the helmet.

So what do you think? Hate them? Love them? Let us know in the comments below!