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Big 12 Power Poll: Week 5

Yes Virginia, we will see a Stoops face this season.

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Here we are again after an "interesting" weekend. One big shift occured, see if you can guess what it was (hint, OU dropped faster than a Landry Jones shovel pass). Outside of that it was a slow weekend for the conference, Kansas kept on losing, while Kansas State solidified the top spot for now.

King Sam Royal Cincy Yachoff Whetsell Total
1: Kansas State 1 1 1 1 1 1 6
2: Texas 2 2 2 5 2 2 15
3: West Virginia 3 4 3 2 4 3 19
4: Texas Christian 5 3 4 3 5 3 23
5: Oklahoma State 4 6 5 4 6 3 28
6: Iowa State 6 5 6 8 3 8 36
7: Oklahoma 8 7 7 7 7 6 42
8: Baylor 9 8 8 6 9 7 47
9: Texas Tech 7 9 9 9 8 8 50
10: Kansas 10 10 10 10 10 10 60

I believe that KSU has been tops for two weeks now, while West Fuckin' Virginia keeps on falling (til the Horns drop this weekend that is). I suspect surviving Maryland will do that when you're supposed to be a Big 12 contender. All the shiny after the jump...

1: Kansas State- Any doubt? Unless they screw the pooch and drop a game they shouldn't. Now to plant the seeds of a loss, how many years in a row has Kansas State beat Texas? Just sayin.
2: Texas- Beat the fuck outtta BYE, time to get ready for their first trip to the Boone in 3 years.
3: West Virginia- If you're wondering why I keep dropping them, they survived Maryland. Repeat, they survived Maryland.
4: Oklahoma- If we lose this weekend get ready for an extended stay around 8th.
5: TCU- Why are they behind us? They only beat Kansas by 14, unacceptable margin of victory knock.
6: Iowa State- Have they scored a TD yet? I'd move them above us, but beating Iowa counts for less than losing to Arizona.
7: Texas Tech- Have they played a game in the last 6 weeks? I don't think so.
8: Oklahoma- Don't worry goons, you'll move up after we lose to Texas. Unless you then lose again to Tech.
9: Baylor- Should they be this low? Probably not, but fuck it, don't almost lose to ULM in a trap game.
Mark Mangino: Kansas- Last place is now renamed for the coach that killed Kansas.
1. K-State - Keep Snydering their way to ugly quality wins
2. Texas - I like their team makeup and game strategy. Finally seem to be coaching to what they have not to who they had.
3. TCU? - Why not? Undefeated. Might suck, right now they dont seem to though.
4. West Virginia - 2011 Baylor all over again.
5. Iowa State - They win. Sorta
6. Oklahoma State - All over the board. This week we (hopefully) find out who the real Pokes are.
7. OU - They are uncomfortable looking. No identity.
8. Baylor - Baylor?
9. Texas Tech - No idea. I will always rank post-pirate Tech low until they prove it.
10. Kansas - They will upset one of the conference top 4 this year.

1. K State - Best win in the conference so far.
2. Texas - How good are the Longhorns really? The real test comes this Saturday.
3. West Virginia - Good offense, terrible defense. I don't think they'll stay at #3 very long.
4. TCU - Still undefeated and that has to count for something.
5. Oklahoma State - A win over Texas will shoot them up to #2.
6. Iowa State - I almost feel badly for having them so low. They've done everything right so far.
7. OU - Terrible loss at home. Can't put them any lower because I would hope they wouldn't lose to any of the teams below them. Then again, who knows?
8. Baylor - Should have lost at UL-Monroe. Although undefeated, have looked shaky and extremely lucky to have zero losses so far.
9. Texas Tech - I need to see something that catches my eye with Herpes Heroes. So far, nothing.
10. The other school in Kansas.

1. Kansas State - This years okstate, who steals one?
2. WVU - I'm not going to fault them for winning. Sometimes its hard to get up. Strong, Strong Offense.
3. TCU - Convincing wins, good D.
4. Oklahoma State - Arizona was a fluke. Pokes take care of business here on out.
5. Texas - Step 1
6. Baylor - They keep winning...some experience here
7. Oklahoma - I've been saying this since July. It's the 90s all over again in Norman. Woo Pig Suey.
8. Iowa State - Good, not great. Win some lose some. Is what it is.
9. Texas Tech: remember when Tech was scary? Yeah, me neither.
10. Kansas: How are they so bad? Good school. Plenty of tradition elsewhere. Close enough to Texas. No excuse to not beat NIU

1.K-State- They have won the rights to the Big 12 this week for
exposing Landry as the sub-par QB he is.
2. Texas - Are they the real deal or aren't they? Mack Brown's
coaching them isn't he?
3. ISU - Screw it, i'm ranking 'em here cause Natural Light is so
refreshing. So is the first 3 and 0 season in a dozen years.
4. West Virginia - Baylor is your first opponent in the Big 12... -1
style points.
5. TCU - Still smoking the competition.
6. Oklahoma State - Walsh is going to get the first Big 12 snaps of
the new era in a friendly place. Could the QB controversy heat up?
7.Oklahoma - Barry Switzer is disapointed in you, O-line. Why can't
you be more like Tommie Harris?
8.Texas Tech - Tuberville? More like Sewerville. LOL
9. Baylor - If they can expose WVU's suspect D, Yachoff will let them
come out of the basement.
10.Kansas - Don't care how salty NIU is, this is the Big 12. Pathetic.

1. Kansas State...Anyone who beats OU gets an honorary 1 week stay at #1;
2. Texas...The bye week was the stiffest competition they've faced all season;
3. West Virginia...The Big 12 favorite, along with the Heisman favorite, should score more than 31 and beat Maryland by more than 10 at home;
3. Oklahoma State...Will either jump or drop big time after Saturday;
3. TCU...It may not be pretty, but they are undefeated and haven't been threatened (you actually have to play someone to be threatened);
6. Oklahoma...Let the Landry Jones implosion begin;
7. Baylor...separated itself from the next group by showing it is capable of being a lower tier team in the SEC with its win at ULM;
8. Texas Tech...Gotta be licking their chops for Oct 6 home date with the Sooners;
8. Iowa State...Are they the poor man's Kansas State? Extremely well coached with even less talent?
10.Kansas...Think they should consider dropping football to Div II. At least then they could go .500.

There you go boys and girls.

Go Pokes