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We've Been Bamboozled

Take enough swings and you're sure to miss a couple. I found this out the hard way Cowboy fans. My apologies.

Stage 1: "Hey, did you hear that rumor about the uniforms that look like a can of Four Loko?"

Stage 2: "The helmets are sweet but the uniforms suck!"

Stage 3: "I still believe that they're real! No matter what anyone says!"

Quite a whirlwind of thoughts and opinions that have formed and then faded in the last forty-eight hours or so. And trust me when I tell you that I was right there with you.

So first let's clear the air for the last time.

The uniforms are not real nor have they ever been real. They have never even been proposed by Nike no matter what any other "expert blogger" claims. The pictures were photoshopped--quite well I might add (in a sick way, kudos to that guy for putting that much effort into it).

Just like most media members, bloggers, journalists, etc., I too have sources. My most reliable source received these photos and passed them on to me. This same source has NEVER been wrong about any insider information he has given to me. So as ridiculous as the uniforms looked (and yes, I agree they look ridiculous), I trusted his word and unfortunately this time it came back to bite me.

These things happen from time to time. Nobody bats a thousand. Still, it always stings a bit when it happens to you. And I figured since I went out on a limb and asked you all to come out with me, it would only be right to formally apologize for such.

With that said, I am absolutely grateful that the football team will not ever be wearing such ridiculous looking costumes. If I was ever going to be wrong about insider information, I'm glad it was this.

Go Pokes!