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Prediction Time! Oklahoma State Versus Texas

Winner of last game's predictions is Something Witty. He takes the crown simply for his picture of some kid on a mini horse. There was something absolutely creepy and beautiful about it. So congrats, Something Witty! Your twisted fetish pics haunt my soul.

Richard Rowe-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Wow, what a slow and uninteresting week, right? Not one single significant, OSU-related topic occured.


Not even any rumors.

None at all.


Anyway, HUGE game this Saturday! The Longhorns roll into Stillwater after steamrolling Ole Miss in a game of "Hey, I'm going to close my eyes and throw the ball as far as I can and hope that the Rebel secondary is horrible." Fortunately enough for Texas, the Rebels were. OSU also had little trouble with their "bye" opponent although Blake Jackson still managed to drop a couple passes.

But now we have the real test: Oklahoma State versus Texas. This game should give us a better feel for each team and where they are headed the rest of the way. Both teams possess great running backs that are capable of game changing plays. Both teams also possess quarterbacks that are capable of...possessing the ball...and throwing it...not too horribly...sometimes.

Point being, it should be a very close game! So finish those shots (who doesn't day morning drink on Fridays?) and let's make some predictions.

1. Final Score?

2. Attendance?

3. How many wounded ducks will be thrown between J.W. Walsh and David Ash?

4. Defensive player of the game and why?

5. Total combined rushing yards for OSU and UT?

6. How will Case McCoy and Jaxon Shipley pass the time together on the bench?

7. Best pick up line for a Texas Cheerleader?

8. The game is being shown on Fox which means horrible color commentating. What will be the worst line used?

9. Play of the game?