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POLL RESULTS: Horns trolling Cowboy votes...100%

May we see Jeremy galloping freely in fields of green on Saturday.

Erich Schlegel - Getty Images

Well, obviously didn't anticipate the extent to which Longhorn fans would chime in on this poll question, so in the end we really don't know what Oklahoma State fans think....

Poll question...What's your prediction for the game with Texas?

  • OSU wins by 10+ points...12% (obviously ALL OSU fans; any UT fans caught here would be exiled in Arkansas)
  • OSU wins by 1 to 7 points...25% (again, OSU fan assumption, but maybe a couple of pessimistic Longhorns)
  • UT wins by 1 to 7 points...17% (some pessimistic OSU fans [me], and a FEW Longhorn fans)
  • UT wins by 10+ points...46% (LOTS of Longhorn fans here, and maybe a negative nelly OSU fan or two)

So, essentially, 63% think UT will win, 37% think OSU will win, which I'm pretty sure would be close to the % of each team's fans that voted.

Oh well.