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PREPARATION 101 LOCK OF THE WEEK: Walsh will start.

"Come on son, I know you can do it. Just hit the paper once, nice and easy, and you can go home."

Oklahoma State announced that they would not put out and injury report for this week.

Enough of the speculation. This was a done deal from at least early this week, if not late last week.

The only way we're seeing the true freshman on Saturday vs Texas is if the redshirt freshman comes out in his Lunt Halloween mask.

And it really was a very simple decision, all predicated on preparation, especially when dealing with freshman QB's.

The minute they determined that Lunt would likely not be available to practice soon enough, the choice was made, and it was easy.

If we were talking about a QB like Weeden in his second year, then he could have stepped in on Thursday and it would have been fine. Hell, Friday would've been ok. He'd already had the keys to the car. He could drive it with his eyes closed.

Neither of these guys qualify as veteran signal callers in this system. They need repetition, especially with the best defense they will likely face all year coming to visit. I'm pretty confident that the only way we see Lunt is if Walsh get's hurt early and Lunt's knee is in pretty good shape. Otherwise Chelf will get his chance to show what he can do.

And I don't think it will really matter that much to Texas. Walsh starts, stuff the run to force the pass, meaning more guys in the box. Lunt starts, stuff the run AND blitz the crap out of him cuz he's not that mobile to begin with. Lots of guys in the box. I really think Manny will bring pressure early either way to see if they can shake things up. If OSU withstands that and makes a couple of plays, that should slow down UT's defense a bit, then it's game on.

So let's stop analyzing, guessing, prognosticating.

Get comfy with the idea that Walsh the Wobbly Winger is your man against Texas.

Then be prepared for Lunt to come trotting out on the field for the first series, because we have seen crazier shit than this.