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Brett Deering - Getty Images

Squinky and a mediocre defense cost Oklahoma State this game.

And an interception.

And a KO return.

This was Arizona in a whole different way.

The defense couldn't get off the field on 3rd down, playing fantastic on the first two downs almost all night. But when it counted, they gave up 3rd down conversions.

When the moment was biggest, and they had played their best for THREE downs, the player we loved to bash made a clutch throw, and Texas was in charge.

Little did we know Squinky would make an appearance.

After the Longhorns advanced inside OSU's five, a handoff that was originally called a touchdown was reviewed. Two camera angles clearly showed a fumble, VERY likely before he crossed the goal line, but it wasn't definitive enough to overturn and the Cowboys were done.

A wild multi-lateral play which was only a block or two away from working ended the game.

While J.W. Walsh played heroically. Monken was FAR TOO conservative in his first half play calling after an interception that Blake Jackson gets the credit for. Receivers should ALWAYS work back to the QB on short hook routes. Jackson did not, and Vaccarro cut in front for an easy INT.

Then it was the defense's turn to blow it, but I'll save that for the full recap tomorrow.

Here's what cost OSU the game...

  • Two busted coverages in the first half;
  • 1 TO deep in own territory (combined with 1 of the busted coverages above);
  • A 100 yd KO return for a TD;
  • and a rash of missed tackles in the 2nd half;
J.W. Walsh did a fantastic job leading the offense, and OSU adjusted well, cramming the ball down UT's throat all night. I never thought I would see the Cowboy offense push around the Texas D in that manner, and Joseph Randle was a beast, combining the "shimmy shake" with power all night.

But in the end, the defense needed a stop, and sans turnovers they couldn't get it done. I'll give David Ash credit. He threw some really good deeper balls, and the one jump ball he threw Justin Gilbert got caught reading his press clippings.

I'll leave you with this...

Despite what happened tonight, I will stick to my earlier prediction that Oklahoma State can still control it's own destiny in the Big 12 with three games left. Texas will lose, at least once. This season is NOT over.


I love Walsh, and he did all he could, but Monken went into a shell in the first half after the interception. He wouldn't have done that with Lunt.

This offense CANNOT live without a QB that can sling it. Period.