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Daily Roundup 9-4

Big Man On Campus weighs in on Week 1 of college football - ESPN

A glorious picture of the Boone Pickens Stadium scoreboard reading “Cowboys 84, Tigers 0” made the front page of as the teaser for this Gene Wojciechowski column. In the article, Wojciechowski covers a variety of issues in college football, namely small schools like Savannah State getting paid to be thrashed by Division I teams. There is also discussion about the week’s happenings in college football. This column definitely deserves a read for no other reason that Wojciechowski having the courage to rank OU as low as No. 9 in his top ten.

Oklahoma State football: Defense coaches trying to compensate for Bill Young's absence |

Gina Mizell gives an inside look at how co-defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer and the other defensive coaches are preparing for Arizona in Bill Young’s absence. The staff obviously did a good job last week; even though Savannah State proved to be absolutely terrible, keeping a shutout intact with third-string players on the field is an achievement. Good luck to Coach Spencer against Arizona and Coach Young in his recovery.

NCAA College Football Preview - Oklahoma State Cowboys at Arizona Wildcats - Sep 08, 2012 -

Here CBS Sports preview this week’s matchup with Arizona. The article gives a good look at what challenges the Cowboys will face and details how pulling the starters early against Savannah State still leaves many questions unanswered. Expect this game to be the first true barometer for Wes Lunt and the Cowboys offense. Also, expect the defense to be challenged. As the article mentions, Arizona barely got past Toledo last week, winning 24-17 in overtime, but the Wildcats still managed to put up 624 total yards in the debut of coach Rich Rodriguez.