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New CFB poll...what to do when we don't know enough.

Yes, we're that good. At least we have everyone convinced we're that good. Michigan was NOT that good.
Yes, we're that good. At least we have everyone convinced we're that good. Michigan was NOT that good.

We don't know. Period.

Until we get in at least 2, and possibly 4 weeks of the college football schedule, we just don't have enough info to adequately rank teams, with a few exceptions.

Because of a slightly less physical sport, I have come up with a solution that could alter the college football ranking landscape forever...or maybe just give us something else to talk about.


When done with the tournament, your score determines your result, and if you have not played sufficiently to separate yourself from other golfers, you are in a tie. If someone is in 1st, and the next 4 players have the same score, then those 4 tie for 2nd place. Given that, the next place available would be 6th, and so on.

With that philosophy in mind (and until we see more games), here are my top 25, so to speak...

1. Alabama

They were the best last year, gave us a fairly good preview this year (pending further evidence from Michigan), so until somebody proves otherwise, the Tide is my top dog.

2. LSU, USC, Oregon, Florida State, Oklahoma State

LSU has to show me offense and weren't that impressive in dispatching a tiny foe (see Oklahoma State). USC gets a nod cuz they beat Oregon last year, but only got after Hawaii in there opener. That ain't lightin' up my britches. Oregon was pretty good in 2011, and upset Stanford, who, if I recall correctly, was also pretty good. Florida State looked impressive in their rout of Nobody State, so I'll let them in here cuz everyone else seems to be on board with that. If they don't score at least 84 on Savannah State, then they are obviously not as good as Oklahoma State, who gets in because, like Oregon, they lost their top 2 offensive players, including a QB (also because I am a homer, but we'll TRY to leave that out for the moment). Nothing else of significance happened to indicate that OSU should fall off the map, so since they proved they belong the last two seasons, they need to prove that they don't belong for me to drop them.

7. Georgia, West Virginia, Arkansas, Michigan State, Clemson, Boise State, TCU

As far as I'm concerned, this group is pretty interchangeable. Yes, I know Michigan State beat Boise State, but they did so at home, barely, and Boise lost their grand pubah leader QB to graduation, so I'm not handing the Spartans the keys just yet, and I'm not kicking Boise State out b/c I think they are definitely better than the next group. I'll give TCU a pass because they've been this good for several years, but they could easily drop out once games have been played.

14. South Carolina, Auburn, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Florida, Louisville, Michigan, Tennessee, etal

This group is one big conglomeration of hopes and flaws. Some are overachievers (Kansas State), others are perennial underachievers (OU, Notre Dame, South Carolina), some are hoping to reestablish themselves on the list. Michigan is definitely more at home here. Wisconsin & Virginia Tech looked very unimpressive against weak opponents. The "etal" was a nod to many other teams that probably deserve to be here, but I had to stop listing them at some point.

So there you have it. Not sure what to call it, but I will put this out every week, and obviously the placing will get more specific as teams validate their spots in the pecking order.

I look forward to your comments!