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Week 2 Big XII Picks

Picks. Get it?
Picks. Get it?

Week 1 wasn’t too bad. I went 6-1 (three games without spreads), only blowing the Texas pick that I shouldn’t have second-guessed myself on. A team with no QB can’t win by 30 points, ever. Other than that, West Virginia dominated, Iowa State looked good, OU looked like shit (gleefully), and OSU did next to nothing to prove how good they will be this year. Blame the competition.

This week has its share of both cupcakes and good games. Unfortunately, thanks to the Pac 12 Network, we might not get to see one of those good games. Hopefully someone gets something figured out so half of Stillwater doesn’t have to cram into Buffalo Wild Wings to watch OSU-Arizona.

Check out the picks after the jump.

Miami (FL) @ Kansas State (-7)

This is the highest-profile Big 12 game of the week. Both teams looked unimpressive last weekend, with Miami’s porous defense almost costing them the win against BC, and K-State finally pulling away from Missouri State (Missouri State!) in the fourth quarter. However, I’m still a firm believer that the Wildcats are hugely underrated. They won at Miami last year, and K-State has only gotten better.

Pick: Optimus Kline to cover

Iowa State @ Iowa (-4.5)

It’s the battle for the Cy-Hawk Trophy. And I think this will be another good game, especially after Iowa needed a 4th quarter comeback to beat the defending MAC champions by one on a neutral field. The Cyclones looked good against Tulsa, though it took them a half to shake the rust off. I think I like them here.

Pick: Iowa State to cover

Rice @ Kansas (-10)

Well… I have no idea. Kansas beat South Dakota State (who?) by 14. Rice lost at home to UCLA by a lot. So there’s really no telling. Let’s just play it safe and take the Big 12 team.

Pick: Kansas to cover

Florida A&M @ OU (NL)

Grambling State @ TCU (NL)

I put these two games together because I don’t expect to see a line on either game. I don’t expect either one of them to be within 40 either. Matter of fact, it would be a moral loss if either of these teams won by less than 40.

Picks: OU, TCU to win by 40+

Texas Tech (-17) @ Texas State

Here’s an interesting game. A mutinous Red Rash Raider squad against an upstart, first year FBS team that just caused Houston’s offensive coordinator to "resign" (read – get fired). This is my Tricky Blowout Pick of the Week.

Pick: Texas State to cover (and receive lots of penicillin shots)

New Mexico @ Texas (-37)

Remember when I said a team without a QB can’t win by 30, ever (see above)? Well, they can if they are playing a team that’s 3-33 in the last three seasons, who averaged nine points per game against FBS teams last season. Enough said.

Pick: Texas to cover

Oklahoma State (-11) @ Arizona

This game both excites and disappoints me. I’m excited because the Cowboys should play their first-team offense and defense for at least a half this week, which means we can see how these new guys will turn out. Especially Wes Lunt. Yes, he went 11/11 for 129 yards. I’m pretty sure I could have thrown for 129 yards against Stillwater High School Savannah State. So this will be a good challenge for him, along with all the other new players.

I’m disappointed because as of now, I don’t think even BDubs will have the game on. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that all these conferences are starting their own networks and capitalizing on the financial side of sports. But it blows that we can’t watch a lot of these games for this reason. I’d love to see Wes Lunt complete a pass against a real team. But I guess I’ll have to wait for the highlights on SportsCenter.

Pick: OSU to cover

West Virginia and Baylor have the week off after dominating performances last weekend, giving them time to load up for James Madison and Sam Houston State, respectively. Yep, gotta love the Big 12 non-con this year.

Think I’m wrong somewhere? Let me know in the Comments section below. Better yet, make the picks yourself. I went 6-1 last week (making me 6-1 on the season).