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And we thought the non-football season would be boring.

Changes abound, so the next few weeks/months should actually NOT be so dreadful.

If we thought coming back from the departure of Blackmon and Weeden (not to mention several other players) was going to be interesting, getta load of this list of items weighing on our minds:

  • New OC
  • New DC
  • Randle gone at RB, meaning changes in the rotation. Smith has had durability issues, so this will be interesting, especially if his departure creates any stir in the recruiting arena as we close in on signing day;
  • The oft spoken about QB derby;
  • Previously mentioned signing day, as OSU has several big name recruits
  • and the fact that between Mike Holder, the apathetic student body, and the bullshit people who pay for tickets but won't come to games, we can't put asses in the seats at one of the best basketball arenas in the country with one of the best players in the country wearing our uni;
New offensive coordinator...not worried about it. The system will produce numbers, and we have the QB's for at least a couple more years.

New defensive coordinator...that's another story...and be careful what you wish for. We all loved to bash Bill Young for the soft coverage, but his defense was a huge reason 2011 was such a special season. While I agree, and I would like to see a defense more capable of exerting its will, I've remarked before that I'm not sure how much is on the talent and how much in on the coaching. I think we are about to find out, and none of us knows what will happen until it HAPPENS. guess was wrong, and for me, his entire career was defined by a loss. That's right, the game against Texas in 2012 was my favorite. His 69 yd TD to start the game was sweat-inducing, and when he RAN over the Longhorn DB around the left side, well, that was just a special moment. The first comes quickly, but skip to 5:12 for the piece de resistance.

Joseph Randle vs Texas 2012 (via JmpasqDraftjedi)

The big concern...Jeremy Smith, and Desmond Roland, and Caleb Muncrief...and whoever else shows up on campus. Smith has had trouble staying healthy. Roland has never been that much of a featured back. Muncrief, well, we don't know.

Then there are the QB's. What the hell. We go from Zac Robinson to Brandon Weeden to three (maybe 4) QB's possibly better than ANY other starting QB in the Big 12. I'm still use to the days of MAYBE we had a serviceable guy, like Mike Gundy, to carry the water for Barry and Hart Lee. Chelf has the advantage, and the confidence of Gundy. Walsh is a force, and will not be denied time on the field. Lunt is a big question mark, with most OSU faithful hoping he redshirts, but secretly fearful that he transfers. Dax Garman (all time name candidate) is a complete mystery. Spring practice could be VERY entertaining or VERY predictable.

We also have national signing day...and lots of folks on Twitter (not just OSU folks) tweeting highly touted recruits. Really? If you think that your tweet to a potential recruit will make the difference in what school he chooses, then you really think far too highly of yourself, or you think far too little of the recruit's decision making process. Please stop.

And last, but not least, baskeball attendance. My brother and I spoke on the phone Thursday evening about this. While I attended hoops back in the day (early 80's), and my brother attended some games back in his day (won't give specifics), that has no relevance to today. Times change, nuff said. But seriously, of all the students at OSU, do that few care about hoops? On top of that, as my brother mentioned, the Thunder have a marketing department working feverishly to put butts in the seats. If Holder wants to fill the joint and make money doing it, then there better be people at the games, because traffic attracts traffic. Nothing like a FULL, LOUD arena to make the people watching on TV and hearing about it by word of mouth want to be there. Holder, get your head out of your financial ass and create a situation where people will opt for attending games. Students, start a movement, ANYTHING...but you are in school at OSU. Football, basketball, wrestling...sports in general...are part of the fabric. No excuses. And before you start spouting off about time and money, I was there. I remember. And I went because it was what we did. We were Cowboys (and Cowgirls). We didn't leave at halftime on a Saturday.