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Oklahoma State Looks to the Future with Bowl Win

The 36 degree weather at Fair Park was probably the least cold thing happening in Dallas from 11:00 to roughly 3:00 on New Year's Day. The Heart of Dallas bowl was somewhat Heartless, and that's OK.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma State rolled past Purdue early on New Year's Day, leaving fans with hope for 2013. The fourth best team in the Big 12 left little on the table in a 58-14 rout of a bad team. Give credit to the Boilermakers though. They were setup to get drilled from the minute this game was announced and never stopped fighting. I honestly cannot believe that effort that Purdue QB Robert Marve and Purdue gave until the last tick of the clock.

The talent disparity was just to much for the Boilermakers though. Shame on the people that penned this match-up. I hope it's a lesson moving forward, but know it won't be.

Thoughts from the Big D

Drinking beer at your Alma Mater's bowl game is one of the finer things in life. It was cold and I was pretty hungover, but the beers tasted great. Thank you Heart of Dallas Bowl for making it convenient. I wish the NCAA would loosen things up a bit for the regular season. Or maybe I don't.

The folks at HOD did a fantastic job of delivering a superb game day experience. The Cotton Bowl is a cool venue and it's a good cause. Kudos to the team that put it all together, despite the poor match-up.

You know you have a QB Controversy when QB1 is the Bowl MVP, QB2 is the Newcomer of the year and QB3 is still talked about as the QB of the Future. I pity Mike Gundy and the coaching staff for the decision they will have to make leading up to August 31st.

Hard to believe we scored 58 points with little production from Joe Randle. I feel like he deserves a big year, but just hasn't quite been there. Maybe next year.

Oklahoma State will be a contender in the Big 12, and nationally next year. Schedule is favorable and talent just keeps getting better. I'm excited about what the future holds. Bring on Mississippi State!

Enough with the talk of running the score up. What else are you going to do when you're that much better than your competition? We could have scored 80. Kinda wish we would have.

Go Pokes.