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With Marcus Smart, The Possibilities Are Endless

Marcus Smart is averaging 13.6 points a game and hit the game winning shot last night against Iowa State - and he's just getting started.

Marcus Smart, Everybody
Marcus Smart, Everybody
Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus smart was just named a finalist for the prestigious Wayman Tisdale award that is given to the top college freshman in the country. Previous winners of that award have been players like Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Jason Kidd and Chris Webber.

It remains to be seen what all the kid will do in his first (and maybe last season) at Oklahoma State, but one thing is certain. Marcus Smart is an exceptional player and with him on our team, nothing is out of the question. That's right...Nothing.

I've been as hard as anyone on Oklahoma State Basketball over the past few years. GIA is too big and Travis Ford isn't a great coach but guess what? None of that matters right now. Travis Ford hasn't shown in his tenure at Oklahoma State that he can coach a team to victory in the final seconds of a close game but that didn't matter last night.

What matters is we have one of the best players in the country. We have a guy that makes everyone on his team better. We have a guy that can take games over - or win them by himself. It's been a long time since we've had a guy like this and for that very reason, you should be excited.

Go Pokes.