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OSU is 17-2 all time in men's basketball against Texas Christian University in a series dating back to when the two schools were in the Southwest Conference together in the 1920's. Yes, OSU has been routinely thumping the B-Balla's of TCU ever since your great-grandpappy was trolling for flappers in his Stutz Bearcat. The Cowboys last lost to Horned Frogs in 1986, a few years before Eddie returned to make OSU basketball great once again. OSU has won six contests in a row with TCU dating back to 1992.

This dominance versus "Fort Worth High" could be seen as an accomplishment if they were not so historically abysmal at basketball. The Frogs have been to the NCAA tourney only 7 times, with a 1998 appearance being their most recent. This year's Frog is continuing the tradition of low expectations by scoring an average of only 57 points per game, while allowing 55 p.p.g.

Besides their poor performance on the court, TCU sucks at basketball in other ways. Of the ten current Big 12 schools, TCU was the lowest revenue producer of the current Big 12 schools in 2010 earning 4.3 million. Daniel-Meyer Coliseum in Fort Worth is the only Big 12 arena to hold less than 10,000 people with seats for only 7,201 fans. The average of the Big 12 arena's capacities is 13,200. The Horned Frog's Jim Christian is the lowest paid coach in the Big 12 making $590,000 per year, far off the $1.6 million average of all Big 12 men's basketball coaches. TCU will need to step up their ancillary basketball game to have any prayer of competing in this league.

Coming off a two-game slide, look for the Cowboys to have an absolutely dominant performance tonight safely back in the confines of GIA. The point spread for tonight's game has not been released of this writing, but if you are a TCU fan thinking of betting against anything less than -15 to the Cowboys, you might be well advised to have your legs broken in advance.


Thank You, Mrs. Sutton. Rest In Peace.