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Punting Academy Highlights TCU vs. OSU Matchup

Expecting a big game for the punt teams, HSKS, a nationally renowned punting and kicking academy, has chosen to showcase the OSU vs. TCU matchup for their annual tailgate and viewing party. [Press release]

The Dallas News

[FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE] High School Kicking Services (HSKS), a nationally renowned kicking and punting academy and placement service, is pleased to announce the sixth annual tailgate and viewing party to be held at HSKS headquarters in Miami, Florida on October 19, 2013 at 12PM ET. This year's showcase, the first ever between two non-SEC foes, features two of the most prolific punting teams in all of college football as TCU and Oklahoma State battle for prominence atop the league's punting standings.

Following his ten punt (379 yards) performance against West Virginia, Oklahoma State's Kip Smith leads the Big 12 in attempts per game. TCU's Ethan Perry is currently a close second with his nine punt (391 yards) outing against the University of Oklahoma. Both punters are expected to punt for more yardage than their offenses amass and the frequency of punts (estimated at an average of every 3.49 plays) should create an unrivaled learning opportunity for any high school punter looking to make it to the next level. Please join us as we celebrate anemic offenses next Saturday afternoon! Visit the HSKS website or call 786-867-5309 for more information.