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BIG 12 TITLE RACE 2013: Hope springs eternal

Kansas State didn't pull off the upset, but Baylor is now human and the Big 12 championship is definitely up for grabs.

Ronald Martinez

It would've been really great if Snyder the Evil and his minions had managed to get it done against Baylor. Would have gone right along with a crazy Saturday in college football where two top 10 teams (3 of the top 12) were sent packing in rather unceremonious and unexpected fashion.

Unfortunately for the Wildcats, not even the old man's magic could overcome Daniel Sams' ability to impersonate Tony Romo.

And that's ok, Kansas State. Coach Snyder and crew managed to accomplish something likely even more important.

Baylor is beatable.

The big, scary, fast, high flying show from the Wonderful World of Waco Points Extravaganza, much to their chagrin, was shown that they actually possess an offensive gear lower than light speed.

Even worse, their defensive systems proved vulnerable to up-close, direct physical attacks, EVEN WHEN THEY KNEW IT WAS COMING.

So guess what that means folks?

The game is on.

While Baylor will still be favored, you can bet that game tape is making the rounds faster than Neil Patrick Harris' fake straight guy on "How I Met Your Mother."

The only catch? We need someone to hold solid at no more than one loss in conference play, and that loss can't be to Baylor. Have you watched much Big 12 football this season? That is going to be a pretty tall task, as the conference seems primed for a trip down "Cannibal Alley."

That's right folks. I'm saying I'll tolerate the conference champion being anybody OTHER than Baylor. That's how I roll. I obviously would prefer Oklahoma State pull off that feat, but OU, Texas, or Texas Tech would be palatable for me in this scenario. Hell, if the Longhorns won they would have to keep Mack, right? How is that bad?

I'm not ready for the end of the world, people.

Baylor. Champions. Big 12. Football.

I can't even force myself to write all that in the same sentence.

Can we make a deal where Baylor has to go to Ames on a Friday night?