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57% of Fans Lament Gundy's Search Engine Choice

Survey finds Mike Gundy's search engine preference likely altered season.

C'mon! Everybody uses Google!
C'mon! Everybody uses Google!
Brett Deering

[Redmond, WA] According to a new study, 57% of Oklahoma State fans wish Mike Gundy had used Bing instead of Google when searching for a new offensive coordinator. When shown side-by-side comparisons of the results returned for the query "who is the best offensive coordinator", a majority of survey participants believed Bing would have improved the outlook of Oklahoma State's 2013 season. Citing Bing's emphasis on Division I, a blind survey participant was quoted as saying:

"Anyone can see the difference; Bing's results focused on coaches in the NFL and Division I and didn't even mention the FCS."

Another fan agreed, stating:

"Clemson's Chad Morris and Mike Leach were the top two results in Bing. Google's first ten slots included T. Boone Pickens and some guy from Pennsylvania – or Ohio – or somewhere like that. That really surprised me [the difference]."

When contacted concerning the results, Sum Ting Wong, a prominent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) researcher at the John L. Grove College of Business was not surprised:

"Bing's ignorance of the so-called 'Deep Web' would have completely ignored out-of-the-way locales. Instead of Shippensburg and Eastern Illinois, I would expect Bing to return more obvious and relevant results - such as Clemson, East Carolina, or the Denver Broncos."

The study concluded with a warning to prospective employers who might be incorrectly utilizing search data in their hiring process:

"Results matter and so should your choice of search engine. Employers who ignore industry trends or fail to research their results should not be surprised when 'Ship Happens.'" [emphasis original]