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The weekly ebb and flow of the Big 12 is anchored by one constant...Kansas is really bad.


King's explanation...

1: Baylor- Looked like the real Baylor Saturday, hope they keep it up.

2: Texas- Say what you want, they're 3-0 in the conference.

3: Texas Tech- Gotta watch out for the powerhouse that is Iowa State. I typed Kansas and then had to pull it up on ESPN to correct myself.

4: Oklahoma- So, Blake Bell, two weeks ago you were Peyton Manning + RG3 all in one. Today you're Happy Feet. Welcome to Norman son. Oh and Case McCoy, damn. Just damn. Y'all like to say we choke? Shit.

5: Oklahoma State- Well we didn't lose this weekend.

6: Texas Christian- Here's the team that has to look out for the powerhouse that is Kansas.

7: Kansas State- I think twenty years ago Bill Snyder would have struck Sams after one of those interceptions.

8: Iowa State- Listen up Clones, we have the market cornered on heartbreaking losses. You stop that shit now, either win or get your ass' kicked.

9: West Virginia- So to be completely honest they should be ranked about 7th, but I keep forgetting they're in our conference. But 9th, 7th, does it really matter?

10: Kansas- Don't worry Jayhawks, I'll never forget you.

And my take....

1. Baylor...Thanks to Snyder the Evil, the "end times" can be put on hold for a bit. The Bears are no longer invincible, and the rest of the Big 12 is game planning for 1 play every 60 seconds.

2. Waiting for somebody...anybody...

3. Texas Tech...just confirm with me that you've all received your shots, and I'll move you up to #2.

4-6...Texas, OU, OSU...Cowboys looked impressive in their bye week win. Texas, you can't move higher than 4th until you prove to me you've recovered from losing to the white guy with the knee brace, and beating whoever that was on Saturday ain't even close.

7. TCU...Frogs get screwed by transitive properties. Lose to whoever that team was in Norman, then Texas slaughters whoever that team was in the Cotton Bowl.

8-9...Kansas State & Iowa State...Giving a whole new meaning to "quality losses."

10. West Virginia...ummm, you saw what the Wildcats did to Baylor, right?

11. Kansas...that's right, you're 11th in a ten team league.