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FACE PALM...Oklahoma State in the Fiesta Bowl

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The Oklahoma State athletic department was happily surprised today when they were invited to the Fiesta Bow for the second time in three years. This news was quite a surprise, especially to Coach Gundy, considering their 8-4 record.

Donald Miralle

The Cowboys finished the year with two losses and one win (including a loss to #15 Texas Tech earlier in the year). 38-35 loss Texas, 66-56 shootout win against Baylor, and a heartbreaking 13-6 loss to Oklahoma, which ended in a pic six on a broken screen pass to Stewart.

Courtesy of (October 12th) where Jerry Palm projected the Oklahoma State Cowboys would be in the Fiesta Bowl against Fresno State.

Bowl Projections - Post week 6

Yeah, Uh huh, OOOK.