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2013 has turned out to be more like the "Time Warp" than a trip down memory lane.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I have not the talents of Royal John, but I shall make my best effort to entice your comments.

1. At time of writing, the O/U was 54. I think Vegas is smoking crack to offer more than 50. What say you?

2. OSU will have more rushing yards or passing yards?

3. Will there be more total TD's or total punts?

4. Which is the higher number...OSU screen pass attempts or Boykin incompletions?

5. Who rushes for more yards...Desmond Roland or Trevon Boykin?

6. Which is higher...number of sacks by TCU defense, or blocked Ben Grogan FG attempts?

7. My son's soccer game is at 11am CST Saturday, and I'm the coach. What's the O/U on how many times I check ESPN Gamecast on my phone during his game?

Ok, drinking rules for Homecoming...

  • 2 shots for every one screen pass
  • chug a beer for every JW Walsh pass attempt that travels more than 20 yards past the line of scrimmage
  • 1 shot for every 3rd down either team....
That's all we need. The first rule should render the other 2 meaningless.