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INSTANT RECAP: Oklahoma State 24, TCU 10

It wasn't pretty. In fact, it didn't even qualify as ugly. But a win is a win, and the preseason goals are still in tact.

Brett Deering

Brandon Weeden isn't our quarterback anymore.

Thank heavens for Josh Stewart's imitation of TD Bryant (never mind the rest of his game, and the punt return TD).

And a freshman RB may have salvaged our running game.

With both Walsh and Chelf failing to complete more than 50% of there passes, and Jeremy Smith again unable to create opportunities, Rennie Childs showed us what running free in the secondary looks like.

The offensive line struggled in the first half, but righted the ship in the second half. Ben Grogan whiffed on two attempts. Kip Smith is hurt.

Yurcich actually called a pretty good game, although taking a knee with 2:30 left in the game was a bit puzzling.

The receivers didn't help the cause, with Tracy Moore horribly short arming a perfect deep ball from Walsh (yes, I said perfect) that would have been a TD. Walsh and Chelf both had interceptions that were the result of being hit while throwing, so not going to dog them for that.

Much more to come in the full recap tomorrow morning, so I'll leave it at this for now...

Walsh and Childs should start in the backfield.

Stewart made up for his drop last week with his steal on that last drive, but that's now three games in a row that big time receivers have dropped big passes.

While the defense predictably dominated a really weak TCU offense, they do have the ability to completely whiff on tackles. Tyler Johnson got schooled twice by Boykin, and Barnett's miss allowed TCU's only TD.

Now it's on to Ames. I'm gonna leave that right there.