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WEEK 8 BIG 12 POWER POLL: Baylor....Ugh

Transitive properties still don't look good for us, and King LOVES Baylor.

Ronald Martinez

King's installment...

1: Baylor- Makes me sad seeing those green bastards at the top, but almost impossible to deny them now. But still they suck and all that, Dr. Pepper down Coke up.

2: Texas Tech- Yeah, they're winning, but he's doing it with Tubbervilles kids (isn't football a bitch? Win as a new coach and still don't get all the credit.)

3: Texas- Still undefeated in the Big 12, winning 3 in a row. Don't look great, but hey, better than those behind them. I was going to make a joke about the rest of the conference not looking good either, but you know what fuck that. We beat each other up and we suck. SEC does it and it's just good football. Fuck those fuckers. Stanford lost to Utah, why isn't the PAC 12 down? Fuck that triple standard bullshit.

4: Oklahoma- Win a "tough" game against a surging Kansas team. At least we have a good defense.

5: Oklahoma State- But I still rank us being them. Seeing as it's a power poll we have a shot at being near the top if Childs can get crazy. Can't be worse than Smith.

6: Texas Christian- Game wasn't as close as the final score indicated. If our god damn kicker could do his fucking job, we'd of won by a minimum of 6 more, possibly 9, and people would be on our dick.

7: Kansas State- Pretty much a more northerly TCU. Same colors, same shit ass offense.

8: West Virginia- They're not good, but not terrible either. Still managed to drop 40 on Baylor, which is more than can be said for the team two below them.

9: Kansas- Totally interchangeable with the team below them. Should have won Saturday, but could not throw to save a starving child. The schematic advantage doesn't count for shit when your starters are the other teams scout team.

10: Iowa State- God damn.

And now for my thoughts...

1. Baylor...Iowa State is about as good as West Virginia. OSU lost to West Virginia.

2. Texas Tech...took care of business where OSU could not.

3-5. Texas/OSU/OU...One of these teams will challenge for the league title. I think. Maybe, if one of them finds an offense. How the hell is OU -7 against Tech in Norman? Talk about smelling funny...

6-7. Kansas State/TCU...These are two BAD offenses. OSU needed late scores to put these characters away.

8-9. West Virginia/Iowa State...These are two BAD teams. OSU lost to one of them.

10. Kansas...I can't keep coming up with good put downs, so I'll put down OU. Did anyone see this game last Saturday? First, if you say you watched all 4 quarters, you're lying. Nobody could stomach that much crappy football. And I the hell is OU a 7pt favorite over Tech?