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Rennie Childs: The Spark Oklahoma State Is Looking For

Nine carries for 45 yards wouldn't normally get me excited... But this time, it does.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

After 11 rushes for a mere 8 yards, Jeremy Smith continued to struggle running the ball (granted, he was met in the backfield almost every time). He couldn't find a gap up the middle, bounce it outside, or lower his head and use that action figure physique to crash for a five yard gain. The Jeremy Smith we remember, the one behind Randle, who would come in on short yardage situations and pound his way for a first down, or spell Randle and put up solid numbers for running back "1B" is no more.

Jeremy Smith rushed for a five yard gain, but when the pile cleared, Smith stood up a bit gimpy. After an eight yard completion from Chelf to Tracy Moore, Rennie Childs jogged out onto the field of play, seemingly unnoticed.

On the next offensive snap, Chelf handed the ball of to Childs for yet another blown up rush attempt. TCU's defensive line blew up our protection, and stalled Childs for a 1 yard gain.


Here is our 3rd string RB, one who people have been calling for since Roland and Smith have been faltering.

And then it happened. On the 63rd play of the day, it happened.

A spark. A 5'10", 180lb spark.

Chelf took the snap and tossed Childs the ball, and he accelerated. Man did he accelerate. Childs showed amazing speed, which was enough for me, but then he lowered his shoulder and destroyed a DB trying to take him down. I was out of my seat. Two plays later, he shot out of the backfield (again, the acceleration... MY GOD) ran downhill for 9 yards.

The next play, from the TCU 21, Smith rushed for 6 yards and fumbled the ball.

I can't speak for all of Cowboy nation, but I was floored. Why was Smith back in the game after Childs had just blown it wide open? Was it good ole Gundy Loyalty? Maybe Childs has had problems in practice. I don't have the slightest idea, but I know it was a bad decision.

After another unsuccessful offensive series, a 3 and out of incompletions, Childs made his way back into the offense. From here, Childs rushed for 44 yards on 8 carries, with one, very tough, touchdown. Childs ran with heart, determination, and and the flash that the Cowboy nation is used to seeing come out of Tailback U.

Childs can fly, his acceleration is NUTS, he cuts hard, and he is not afraid to run somebody over. But what does this mean? Is Childs the surefire starter when we head to the worst place on earth (I'm not saying it because I'll dry heave)? Probably not. Was Childs performance nothing more than a flash in the pan? We have no idea.

What I do know is that if he continues to bring that kind of running to our offense, things could start looking up.