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Prediction Time! OSU vs. ISU

They were excited they got a prediction right.
They were excited they got a prediction right.
Brett Deering

Welcome fellow Cowboys fans! My name is Schultzy (no booing please), and I am one of the new contributors here at CRFF. I will be taking over the Prediction Time! articles for the rest of the season. I was supposed to debut last week, but Mr. Whetsell seemingly ignored my fine work (Just kidding, I should have had it done earlier).

Anyway, back to the game. This is OSU's first trip back to Ames since that awful, miserable, no-good night of 2011. By the way, Joe Tessitore isn't calling this game, right? Ames, for whatever reason, hasn't been kind to OSU in the past, but this should be an easy win.

So let's get some predictions!

1. Who starts at QB?

2A. How many snaps does Chelf get?

2B. How many snaps does Walsh get?

3. Final score?

4. Number of missed field goals? (weeps uncontrollably)

5. Leading OSU rusher and how many yards?

6. O/U on the number of total punts at 15

7. Do the refs miss a game changing fumble on the goal-line?

8. Number of times the announcers bring up the 2011 game (Drown your sorrows with alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol)

9. Defensive MVP? Let's see some stats.

10. Leading receiver and how many yards?