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Questions With The Enemy: Iowa State

Richardson or Rohach? Sharks? Drinking in Ames? Those aren't even questions, but I give you answers to them anyway.

Pimpin ain't easy, but Josh Steward does it anyway
Pimpin ain't easy, but Josh Steward does it anyway
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

This week we get our friend Dan over at Wide Right and Natty Lite to answer some questions about our game. You can find my answers to his questions up later this week over, again, at WRNL. Let's do it.

King: So, that offense, seems to be an issue this year. Any particular reason for that? Is it scheme? Playcalling? Cause I don't understand how it's gotten so bad.

Dan: So much has snowballed that it's everything at this point. It starts with the offensive line that couldn't block a pee wee squad and filters all the way down to receivers that are currently dropping balls. Our offense is a Mess with coordinator Courtney Messingham at this point appearing to draw plays from a hat. 2nd and 1 against Baylor? Run a dive with our smallest back for no gain. 3rd and 1 against Baylor? Run the same play with the same back. Ok, maybe that scenario is a disservice to the hat because no way it'd make the mistake and give you the same two plays in a row.

King: We have something in common, terrible quarterbacks. Which of your terrible quarterbacks gets the nod this weekend.

Dan: Richardson. His knowledge is less terrible than Rohach's. He's looked promising at points this season but against Big XII competition he's spent more time on his back than all the girls in Lubbock combined.

King: Assume for a moment an OSU fan wants to return to Ames, where is the best place to get drunk?

Dan: If you want beer, questionable chili, and the chance to catch an array of STDs then look no further than the Tip Top Lounge on the corner of Lincoln Way and Duff Avenue. It's a popular spot on gamedays and is almost always packed when opening at 5 AM. If you want something within walking distance there are two main Campustown spots in Welch Avenue Station and Es Tas. Make sure to grab some fried tacos at Es Tas.

King: I hate the hot seat analogy, so let's assume Paul Rhoads has just had a leg removed and thrown into shark infested water. How close are the sharks? If that's stupid and confusing, I'm asking will he be fired if you only win a game or two more?

Dan: If Rhoads was smart he'd cut off Messingham's legs and throw them into the shark infested water. They'd feast almost immediately but probably shit themselves shortly thereafter since Messingham's shitting the bed is apparently contagious now. Rhoads himself would get a sniff, and maybe a nibble, but the sharks aren't ready to eat him yet.

King: Double header here: Score prediction and over under on total quarterbacks to see the field. I'm feeling 3.5 and taking the over.

Dan: 27-10 OSU and it's not even that close. Taking the over on quarterbacks as well.

Well that's it for this week, head over to WRNL and party with those boys,

Go Pokes