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Power to the Paddle People

A spirited organization committed to OSU Athletics deserves a little preferential treatment from the university on game day.

Brett Deering

During the opening segment of every Oklahoma State University football game telecast, there is general pattern of images that each network chooses to portray. Opening with a shot of Pistol Pete, followed by a pan of the crowd, and then in most cases the viewer gets a glimpse of the group of students that have become a staple to the home field advantage inside Boone Pickens Stadium.

The Paddle People.

Originated in 2000 by a group of approximately 10 students who wanted to do more than just yell as spectators in the stands, the group has since grown to 169 strong today. Wrecking havoc on opposing offenses and leading the celebration in the stands on every big play, the Paddle People represent the face of a student body that has an enormous passion for Cowboy Football.

These students are so loud and disruptive to Cowboy foes, that a formal complaint was issued to the Big 12 office last season, and ultimately artificial noise makers were banned while the ball is in play. Coach Gundy gave it up to the group during Homecoming and Hoops.

You would think a group with this much tradition would be guaranteed a spot in the front row. However, this is not the case..

Graham Coffelt, fellow CRFF contributor and executive member of the Paddle People, explains.

We start camping on Thursdays at 5 p.m. and will go all the way to the morning of the football game Saturday, which can be anywhere from 5:30 to 9 a.m

TCU has the Frog Horn. Tech has...the bell ringer. The school down south has the schooner and these things. Baylor has the tarp. OSU has Bullet, Pistol Pete, and the Paddle People. It's time to give them the recognition and game day privileges they deserve.