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Oklahoma State Stats & Stuff

A few stats from this year and last along with video of "The Drop", some TCU recap, and looking ahead to Iowa State and Texas Tech.

Because two footballs are better than one
Because two footballs are better than one
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

This is the first of what I hope will become a weekly entry to be filled with equal parts truth and inference; fact and conjecture. I'll list a few fun stats and facts in the first section, followed by my opinion on a wide range of football themes. Please share your comments below!


"If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor."

-- Albert Einstein

  1. Through 6 games this year, Ben Grogan has been responsible for 18 points on 12 field goal attempts (50%). At the same point last year, Quinn Sharp had connected on 10 of 15 attempts (67%) for 45 points. The 27 point spread is eased somewhat by Josh Stewart's 14 punt returns points – a nonexistent category in 2012 - but this stat is sobering nonetheless.
  2. Both Quinn Sharp and Ben Grogan were named the Big 12 special teams Player of the Week for their week 5 performances in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Not only do OSU kickers seem to hit their stride in week five, they like to do it against teams from Kansas (2012: KU, 2013: KSU).
  3. Speaking of the Player of the Week award, 6 players from Oklahoma State have received the honor by mid-season this year - matching all of 2012.
  4. This week's contest between Oklahoma State and Iowa State will mark only the third game played in Ames this year. The majority of Big 12 teams have played either 3 or 4 games at home, with Baylor leading everyone at 5. The Bears, however, despite leading the Big 12 in home games, rank 5th in the conference in total attendance. #baylortarp
  5. Daxx Garman throws a beautiful ball. #fact


"Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, 'It might have been!'"

― John Greenleaf Whittier

  1. More than any other play in the TCU game, Tracy Moore's drop on the first drive will live longest in my memory:

    Tracy Moore drops TD pass (via LongRangeBunnyKiller)

    Positives: I loved the play call; JW is at his best rolling out of the pocket like this and he threw an absolutely beautiful ball: perfect spiral and accuracy - which, had they culminated in a catch, probably would have been enough to keep JW in the ballgame.
    Negatives: Alligator arms? Tracy Moore seemed to have a problem adjusting to the change in lighting caused by the shadow. Watch closely as the shadow engulfs Tracy's face just as he should be making the catch. Judging from the timing, it appears the ball entered the shadow as Tracy was about to extend his arms – causing him to lose the ball and hesitate to extend. Oh, what might have been!
  2. Mike Yurcich called his best game of the year against TCU. Wide receivers were running wide open all day and the game plan included more down field passing than in weeks past. If the QB(s) had played even an average game, OSU wins this one by the largest margin of the year - against the second best defense in the league. It's easy to pick on LEGO guy, but I'm optimistic he's beginning to get the hang of things and will only continue to improve.
  3. While several screens were attempted against TCU, at least two of them were completely busted by the way TCU read and reacted. That fantastic one-handed grab by Stewart negated by an ineligible "receiver" down field? A busted screen play.
  4. Tatum Bell called and said Jeremy Smith fumbles a lot (yes, "I speak Jive"). Forget for a moment the talent displayed by Childs. Any starting running back who puts the ball on the ground as much as Smith has through 6 games deserves to be labeled a ball security risk.
  5. Statistically speaking, Iowa State is essentially tied with TCU in terms of offensive ineptness. Last week, the Baylor Bear defense held the Cyclones to 174 total yards and 7 points (!!). Stranger things have happened in Ames, but look for the OSU defense to dominate once again. Assuming Sam Richardson doesn't become the next Taylor Martinez Joe Montana, next week should represent the high-water mark for OSU defensive statistics.


I talked briefly with a Texas Tech fan this morning and made mention of their 7 – 0 start and top 10 standing. While this particular TTU fan readily admitted to having "not played anyone", it became (painfully) obvious that their fan base is returning to Leach-era obnoxious confidence levels. It's worth pointing out that OSU has drubbed the Techtards 66-6 and 59-21 in consecutive years – the most recent of which involved nearly all the same personnel for both teams. I, for one, don't believe Kliff Kingsbury can account for 6 touchdowns all by himself. It might be a close game (weird things happen in Lubbock at night), but the talent gap should be very evident in OSU's favor.