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Report: Clint Chelf To Start Tomorrow

ESPN's Joe Schad is reporting that Clint Chelf will start at quarterback tomorrow against Iowa State.

Brett Deering

After a week of wondering who our starting quarterback would be against Iowa State, it appears that Clint Chelf will get the honor of being second guessed first tomorrow afternoon, according to a report by ESPN's Joe Schad. Schad did not indicate that a switch was also made at the starting tailback spot, but I suppose it remains a possibility that Rennie Childs could start tomorrow afternoon.

Who the "starting" quarterback is is nothing more than a formality at this point. As we saw last week with J.W. Walsh, if Chelf struggles and turns the ball over once or twice, Mike and Mike won't hesitate to pull him. Whether or not you are fond of this philosophy, it's tough to argue against it in this scenario. Neither player has separated themselves as the clear favorite for the job, and with a Big 12 title still very much within reach, the Pokes aren't in a position where they can just let Walsh take his lumps in hopes that it betters him for next season.

Both Chelf and Walsh will get snaps in this game, and that doesn't necessarily mean that poor play by Chelf will force a switch. I'm sure that Yurcich has gameplanned for Walsh to get involved somehow, likely by using him as a running threat in the option game (diamond?).

Outside of hosting Kansas in a couple of weeks, every game on OSU's schedule from here on out will have major conference implications, so it'd be nice if we got some kind of resolution tomorrow afternoon. I'm sure nobody would be happy if we were heading into Lubbock to play a potentially undefeated Red Raider team next Saturday without knowing who the starting quarterback will be.