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Much like golf, they don't ask how, just how many.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

400+ yards. 58 points.

Don't ask any questions. Just be happy with it.

Nothing to see here. Move on.

The Cowboys' offense racked up over 400 yards of total offense and 44 points, getting a couple of defensive scores as a bonus, routing a fiesty, but not very good Iowa State squad 58-27.

OSU faithful were none too comfortable with a 28-20 halftime score. Take away Gilbert's pick 6 and it's 21-20.


If I had told you Chelf would start, play most of the game, and go 10-26 for 78 yards, what would you have said?

Never mind that, as Desmond Roland got the start at RB and made the most of it, rambling for slowest 200+ yards I've ever seen, plus 4 TD's. OSU rushed for over 330 yards as a team. Yes, we definitely saw that coming.

With a swirling wind providing the excuse for shitty passing, Roland and the defense managed 42 points.

Caleb Lavey must have had about 50 tackles, as he seemed to be in on almost every play in the first half. Gilbert finally gave us a long awaited pick 6, but he gave up 2 passing TD's where he looked not very good.

But in the end the story of the day was Roland, who showed great vision and power when necessary, running through tackles and hitting holes with authority. Childs didn't see much action, and Smith got a TD in mop up duty with Walsh.

Chelf also got in the act with 92 yards on the ground.

Bottom line, OSU is bowl eligilble again. And now we wait for the goings on in Norman and a Saturday night, primetime match up with Texas Tech next week.