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CRFF BIG 12 POWER POLL: Resignation

Baylor is the class of the Big 12. Would add Texas to that list, but Case McCoy is their QB and they wanted to fire Mack Brown prior to beating OU.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

King's lament...

1: Baylor- All the way up to fifth, greatest season in Baylor history. Fuck Dr. Pepper.

2: Texas- So guess they actually are back this time?

3: Oklahoma- Actually enjoyed watching their game yesterday. Now I'm going to douse my dick in bleach as penance for saying that.

4: Texas Tech- I can't sneak a damn boot flask into BPS but these fucks will have pallets of tortillas Saturday. Makes sense though, if I was security I wouldn't want to touch a Tech fan.

5: Oklahoma State- We win again in spite of ourselves. We just don't know how to lose or something.

6: Kansas State- Can't keep putting TCU here when they keep losing.

7: Texas Christian- So I'll put them here.

8: West Virginia- How did we lose to them?

9: Kansas- They have double Iowa states wins, and lost to Baylor by less. Enjoy 9th.

10: Iowa State- Have they reached the zenith of the Paul Rhoads era? I'd say it happened sometime in late November of 2011.

Now for my lament...

1. Baylor...&%)@#$&)%)*&$%)@*&)@#$*&%)@$&%)@$*

2. Texas...Case McCoy may single-handedly save Mack Brown's job. I'll wait right here while you try to make sense of that statement. I've got all week.

3. OU...righted the ship a little bit with some well thrown bombs by Bell and a solid running game. Now they get a week off to contemplate the fact that a LOT of people will be rooting for them on Nov 7, including me.

4-5. Texas Tech, OSU...The winner next Saturday in Lubbock still has a shot at the conference title. The loser will be hoping for the Alamo Bowl.

6-7. Kansas State/TCU...Bad year to be purple in the Big 12.

8. West Virginia...You beat OSU. There's that.

9. Iowa get to stay here as long as you beat Kansas, or until Kansas beats somebody else. I'll check back in 2050, assuming I'm still around.

10. Kansas...OSU hoops started today. KenPom says we're better than you. Had to say something about basketball, because I've run out of shitty things to say about your football team.