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OKLAHOMA STATE FOOTBALL: 2013 State of the Union - Anything's Possible

Even though it's week 9 and OSU has only played 7 games (it feels like my high school dating calendar had fewer open dates), we already have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the remainder of the season...almost anything.


There has been a fair amount of chatter about how we should be more positive as fans. After all, The Cowboys sit at 6-1 (3-1) and still control their own destiny in the race for the Big 12 Championship.

However, based on the "eye test" and what we know is in store for OSU down the stretch of the season, that won't be easy to do.

The remaining schedule currently includes three teams ranked in the top 15 (two in the top 10), and another that is undefeated in conference play. The lone soft spot is Kansas.

So the Cowboys won't finish with less than 7 wins.

But that might be it.

It's a reality that OSU could easily lose to all but the Jayhawks (and I'm not so sure they won't give us a mild heart attack in winning that game). It's also a reality that they could win 1, 2, 3, hell, maybe even all 4 of those games.

Hang on tight cuz this is definitely going to be a bumpy ride.

Yet, while the road looks daunting, it is not without its question marks. Of the teams in consideration, nobody other than Baylor has looked unstoppable, and Kansas State took care of Baylor's veil of invincibility a couple of weeks ago.

Baylor hasn't played anyone yet, and needed a late drive to seal the deal against Kansas State.

OSU hasn't played anyone yet, but already lost to West Virginia and worked hard at home to beat Kansas State and TCU.

OU played and got thrashed by Case McCoy and Texas, looking very much like TCU in the process, but then took down previously unbeaten Texas Tech.

Texas did dispatch OU, but needed a mystery fumble no call to survive Iowa State.

Texas Tech lost to the first real opponent they faced all season (OU).

All of these teams have blown out AND struggled against common opponents in the bottom half of the conference standings.

This weekend will tell us about OSU and Tech, but Texas gets Kansas in Austin so that should put Mack Brown one game closer to saving his job and get Case McCoy on the short list for the Heisman (ok, that last one might be a bit of a stretch). OU and Baylor take the week off to prepare for their Thursday night tilt the following week, which again will be the only game of meaning in the conference as everyone else dances with the girls who don't have a date.

But every weekend will hold a game of immense magnitude in the drive to be Big 12 Champion.

And it's basically a crap shoot for everybody involved.

This ought to be fun....I think....