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Prediction Time! OSU vs. TTU

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sport

So no one really was close at all on last week's predictions, but if I had to pick a winner, it would be Something Witty! Congrats on making slightly less awful predictions than your peers! You deserve some credit for picking Tracy Moore as our leading receiver though. Nice call.

Anyway, let's make some predictions for this week!

1. Final score?

2. Number of kids dressed up as Kliff Kingsbury?

3. Who has more yards? Jace Amaro or Josh Stewart?

4. Does OSU throw or run for more yards this game? Gimme a total for each.

5. Will Chelf complete more than 50% of his passes?

6.Number of yards Desmond Roland rushes for?

7. Total number of punt return yards for Stewart?

8. Number of total turnovers?

9. Will OSU's defense and special teams outscore the offense?

10. Will will be gifted with an even better gif than this?



Probably not, but I mainly just wanted to post this gif because the Bell Ringing gifs never fail to make me laugh.

Good luck this week and Go Pokes!