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Picks From Joes

This may be movie themed Picks, I'm not sure yet.

Okay now I'm sure, this will be movie themed. No need to delay any longer, let's do this.

Texas at Iowa State: Back 2 Tha Hood- So this game is currently at halftime, just like last week. Unlike the leprechaun, I never want to return to tha Hood, or in this case Ames Iowa. I've never had more nightmares about a place than I have about Ames. Anyhow, Texas is looking to keep rolling in the Big 12 (remember kids, Texas is currently undefeated in the Big 12 play) and Iowa State is looking to, well, I dunno do something. The Clones found some offense last weekend, but they'll need more than the 13 points they've scored so far tonight to win. Remember Terry Bowden? The best line I've ever heard from a studio analyst came from him, so to paraphrase "For Iowa State to win tonight, they'll have to score more points." They need to, but won, Texas wins 31-20.

Texas Tech at Kansas: The Last Temptation of Toxie- The Toxic Avenger series was actually pretty terrible, but not as terrible as Kansas football.The only thing interesting about this game is seeing if Tech is actually good, or if they're just jerking off (name the movie.) So I'm going to get crazy and call on the Jayhawks to keep it close, sorta. Tech wins 31-17,

Kansas State at Oklahoma State: Mouthful of Ass- So actually that's a porno title, but after watching that shit pile of a game last weekend, I find it appropriate. Seriously, that was probably the worst Oklahoma State performance I've seen since at least 2005. The hillbilly's gave us every chance to win, and instead we chose to drink shine and fuck a cousin or two. Sad as it is to say, this is the biggest game of the season. If we lose this, we'll be lucky to win 6 at that point. I'm going to pick the Pokes, hopefully I don't regret it- OSU wins 35-14 (cause I don't think our offense can hit 40 again this year, go big D.)

Texas Christian at Oklahoma: Golden Receiver- So Blake Bell, yeah, that guy. And Trevor Boykin, him too. And those receivers. I want to write something funny, but I'm still fucking pissed about last week. Seriously couldn't you just fucking win and keep the under? Fucking Bob Stoops decides to do well when I bet on them. Goons win 35-24.

West Virginia at Baylor: The Sequel- I'm tired, not drunk enough, and wanting my wife to give up some sex. So I'm going to say that Baylor will score less than 60, but more than West Virginia. Baylor win 52-something.

Go Pokes